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Kim's Justin Herbert, that was fun to watch, in large part because of Darren Waller. Raider fans out there in case you're curious. Kari just named your two representatives. Jacobs did make the did make the roster for the FC, which was not a slam dunk. How about the running backs in the FC? Derrick Henry? Right, Nick Chubb, right? And and Jacobs to be fair has not had any. Where near the season that the other two have had, um, job missing time with the injury, But when he's been on the field, he's unstoppable. Derrick Henry is Derek Henry's absurd, as does not Jay Harris of Alabama and Antioch give you any Derek and revives at all. It's not fair. It's not a fair comparison. But not honestly coming out of college. I did not think Derrick Henry would be this good in the NFL. Mr December. Uhm, you know, I'm still You know, I've got an anti Alabama running back bias going back to him going back to Mark Ingram stealing the Heisman from Toby Gerhart, which was completely absurd, of course, right. And then and then, you know. Henry and McCaffrey something same thing. Same exact. Yeah, so, but no, but but I honestly did not believe Derrick Derrick Henry is just to say beast isn't even fair, like there's a whole other term. There's another category for what Derrick Henry is and the second half of the season it Z absurd. He's unstoppable and watching nausea. Harris I get it was the Florida defense I get, You know, he's fresh and whatnot. But he gives off a little bit of Derrick Henry vibes with way he runs. It never looks like he's at full speed, but he always isn't full. Speed. All right, we'll take another break. We promised in baseball didn't we have we will do baseball. We will. We will deliver its It could come on. It's December. All right, well, we're getting a stove is taking a little a little longer to warm up to me. It will be warm after this three minutes. Break so stick and stay with us. Scott Reese carry crawler KNBR, these sports leader JB knbr, 1045 and 68 words leader. Bay Area sports fans. The holiday season is upon us. And with that comes the spirit.

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