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Where's the the weapon to in this list it's rush we never mentioned law stomach came into this be the patsy kensit was walking out as we came in die is right my only i recognized her that's roswell uh she was in here recording something as i he can't and then she as she left we walked in she said hello to us in a in a way as if you say oh just for a nice thing to say patsy kensit no liquor think of as lethal weapon to you just want to get diplomatic immunity live may take iba today uh right number six good fellas uh on unsurprising could fellas his is always in the told normally in the top five after he said with absolutely no evidence iraqi it's probably wasn't the top five um letsie see where it was fun all right yeah highest placing scorsese uh was in excise placing the departed oh the departed above touch number five pulp fiction memories it was nothing new in this list to get the blood pressure up fisher limitless either number five pulp surely must have no objection to pulp fiction in them i've got no checks to pull fiction above objections to the departed being seen as a better squares a movie than taxi driver i'm with you on that i thought will know should be kundun i mean there's a numbers cassese films of the departure does not better than that is placed item yet i mean just name on all of them will look at all from the one about the boy the transaction uh hugo yeah best scorsese film for me is king of comedy what's your johnny well boringly goodfellow sorry both as a something else just mean streets 'cause novelist his fine to joys jimbo condemn we've already discuss or or fiction published out doubt bite leaks the best a phone is not sure it absolutely history that is not what is your favorite then you country creature i'm not contrary i just recognize greatness when see as an his greatest film remains reservoir dogs by ovation is is afraid very good undeserved been the list reservoir dogs is definitely his second best.

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