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San bernardino mountains has shut down highway thirty eight mandatory evacuations have also been ordered for the entire community of forest falls hiking trails and day use areas are also being evacuated so far there is no containment a brush fire in the main side area of camp pendleton is burned about three hundred thirty acres about seven hundred fifty homes were evacuated been evacuated sorted about eleven thirty this morning several facilities and some base housing or under evacuation orders as as the lake o'neil recreation area so far the fire is forty percent contained a brush fire in the community of alpine in san diego county is burned about four hundred acres and several buildings of houses out here on propane tanks we do have numerous structures that have been involved or have been destroyed by fire incident commander chief daryl pena says crews have slowed the spread of the fire the rate of spread was considered critical this morning the sheriff's department says people in an entire community near the highland mobile home park had to get out immediately the fire started along eastbound interstate eight and researchers at ucla i have discovered thieves can steal use your passwords using a person's body heat to new threat called thermometer works after a person enters a password on a plastic keyboards at work or many other public computers somebody comes up and takes a thermal image of the keyboard dean professor of computer science at uc irvine says with that image they can see the hot spots literally the heat map of the key of the of the keys that were pressed last he says then hackers use that information to guessed the password success people should always use complicated passwords and never log in and leave a computer unattended corbin carson caffeine someone is shot a couple of men on motorcycles in san bernardino one biker died at the other had serious injuries san bernardino police lieutenant mike madden says the writers had pulled over on the ten freeway they apparently had stopped there because one of the bikes was experiencing mechanical difficulties he says investigators are trying to figure out if the bikers from utah we're targeted they were wearing outlaw motorcycle insignia he says police are trying to find witnesses to the early morning shooting in san bernardino andrew mollenbeck kfi news traffic from the helpful socal honda traffic.

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