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Support for this podcast and the following message come from sierra nevada brewing company in one thousand nine hundred eighty with a few thousand dollars and used area ken grossman founded sierra nevada brewing company kins award winning ales propelled him from home or socratic grew today ken in his family still own one hundred percents of the company one of the most successful independent craft breweries in america more at sierra nevada dot com support for this podcast and the following message come from microsoft surface laptop at just under three pounds and with up to fourteen and a half hours of battery life surface laptop lets you binge watch your favorite shows whenever and wherever you want do more with surface laptop then light and beautiful welcome back to pop culture happy hour it is time for our favorite segment what is making us happy this week margaret hulahoop willison what is making you happy this week well very little is making me happy this week because i am in the middle of packing up an apartment i have lived in four ten years worst however a bright spot is that i've been checking in with a wbz podcast that i can recommend unreservedly it's actually part of a pair of podcasts they did a project last year called making oprah was a six part documentary podcast series all about sort of how oprah went from being a smalltime newscaster to lake basically second only to mary mother of god in the understanding of most american women's and that was phenomenal i knew very little about oprah and they share so many fascinating details and it was riveting they recently released making obama and i was anxious about starting 'cause i worried it would be a bit of a haggi yager affi because he's just a figure of such charm that it's kind of hard to approach him otherwise but upon listening to it really isn't it engages so interestingly with how he worked within the chicago.

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