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To stream as six five one nine eight nine five eight five five is the number to join us brand take those calls and producing the show there's a movie coming out that's a remake and you might not actually know that this is a remake because the film that it's remaking is kind of an obscure old comedy with goldie hawn and kurt russell called overboard have you ever have you seen this one ran that movie is kind of special to me it's a weird it was when my parents got married and they both are remarried and so it was kind of the whole time imams kinda high maintenance like that my dad's a handyman so it just kind of has this weird sure long story short it's a very special and i find it an enjoyable quintessential eighties early niger's groovy tougher than you'll you'll be right in tune with what i'm talking about it is one of my mom's favorite movies overboard and i didn't like i didn't get it and maybe it was just the age i was at at when it hit me or the fact that i have a guy i don't know what it was but it just it never struck me as oh this is something that i need to make part of my life but i do remember it because i remember watching it with her and the premise was if you go back and you watch it now you realize this is not a movie that if they actually remade it frame by frame word for word they could not make that movie today because it's basically in the current culture it's a movie about rape basically is what it is it because the premises napper yeah goldie goldie hawn plays this this wealthy socialite who is rude to the kurt russell character who's the blue collar working guy carpenter forget exactly what does occupation as and so he's mad at her she ends up in a in a accident she falls overboard off of a boat and ends up being a victim of amnesia and so the whole premise of the film is is that he decides that in order to kind of get revenge on her for being mean to him he's going to claim because nobody knows who she is they find her on the on the side of.

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