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Ahead why don't we leverage our by cultural experience which was unique at worry l i mean we could look around the entire company and it was only us to and really bring over k beatty products that we're passionate about and work for us women so that was the inception that's crazy so how does it go from an idea to an execution his so it was quite a journey it was hard to jump right off of you know pretty cushioning job it was every girl's dream job to you know working laurie allen marketing new york city and our prayer parents were actually against it because they were like okay we're going to be entre preneurs are you sure you have everything ready and set up we didn't we just had the passion and the drive but we also really believed in our vision you know we knew that katie was going to explode so the minute we quit our jobs we bought flight tickets to korea and we just flew out and we walked around beauty streets of seoul there's actually beauty streets in seoul which is crazy if you think about it it's rows and rows of beauty stores and we were just fascinated we were lost in wonderland of beauty and we started cold emailing and cold calling new vendors and companies that we saw huge potential in the us and set up meetings with them some of them rejected us some of them accepted knowing our background and we ended up working with nine brands from the gecko which was actually pretty impressive knowing that we didn't even have our website up and then we set up our website we google is our best friend actually.

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