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Three county road sixty eight in Roberts del Alabama. Along interstate ten and the Baldwin beach access. According to the Daytona Beach news journal. A second location outside Texas is projected to open this summer. In Daytona Beach, Florida. And as I mentioned before beaver Aplin. The owner is a good friend of mine. He's married to a girl from orange Janis from orange. He's not only a very successful innovative visionary in how he came up with that business model and how he executes on it. Is also pretty super awesome guy. He's from lake Jackson. And what I love about this story is there so many things around us that we take as established. So many things around us at gas stations a gas station, maybe we'll clean it. A little more often. What if you threw that out? What if you rejected all the conventions and said, no, we'll spend the money to have somebody in there at all times, always cleaning it'll be the cleanest bathroom ever. What what if we argued the market would respond? The Michael berry show continues. Listen to the radio for info in the morning in the morning every morning for weather cheeks start your day. I turn on even before I get up out of bed in you can use NewsRadio twelve hundred. To report. Traffic on the lower level. Five southbound between Brooklyn and drew. We're also seeing traffic that sluggish on the upper level of thirty five southbound between San Pedro. And I ten you want to give yourself probably two to five minutes in both directions. Scott west NewsRadio twelve hundred w Pat Boone here again..

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