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Cut You grandma killer Michael Very live at 8 A.m. and 5 P.m.. Weekdays on news radio 7 40. Welcome back everybody. Dr Joe Galotti. Every Sunday. We're here to raise your health. One listener at a time. That is our Amato. Go to Dr Joe Gilady dot com for more information about what we have, and we'll be talking about I hope you enjoyed Michael Garfield. The last segment. He is always full of energy and never know what he's going to say. All righty. Well, as I had said earlier. The next person, Dr. Ayman Quigley has been on the programme and he is one of the few people that was patient enough to die Elin during the years he lived in Ireland in the middle of the night, calling into Your health first, But let me just give you a little background on Dr quickly before we get him on. He isn't currently The David M. Underwood, chair of medicine and Digestive Disorders Department medicine professor of medicine. At Houston Methodist Hospital. He is the past president of the American College of Guest or no guest room, neurology and the world gastroenterology. Organization former editor of the American Journal of Gastroenterology. Former Dean Medical School in Cork, Ireland. Author researcher..

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