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Try something else. I'm not the woman who's running James Bond now not particularly. Just call somebody else. Steve not particularly interested in taking male character and having a woman play that the women are former far far more interesting than that. That's a great answer. Yes pervert we know. Who is it a known woman? Do we know wisdom. Oh that's perfect. Great lizotte sound from DC. You wouldn't even believe you hear this or no I heard a little bit of Lauren. Linen Chelsea credible won't play it today. But I mean you know we talk just renewed. Who's this this is Mike? Mike you know this is absolutely okay. You excited it's a big moment of your life isn't it probably seems legalize just talking to take a deep breath did you watch the Perez video at Fenway Park yesterday. I did okay Do you you feel it was compelling actually was boredom in my life on a daily basis. Yeah I understand first insults yeah. I'm here I'm here to help. I'm trying to get you through the day. My friend worked hard as I can knowing me. I'm guessing you've been a fan for a while. Oh Yeah I go back to the weekends on thank. Thank you so Knowing me do you think that I'd want some of that. Sound ready to go to react to on my own. Show the next stay. Oh Yeah you don't you don't need to be immediately. HUPA mean you should be able to figure that out mentioned that. Why don't you ask the cruiser? Show Steve Robinson the floor is yours to ask him how much sound he had ready for today. Show go ahead please. How much founded you ready to show? We don't have any of it. Wow Well I live in Waltham so I can move and happy to help out might highway all right. Well thank you thanks for. Thanks for service. Thank you very much Mike. I mean Mike suggest in your class a good amount yeah creative name no really isn't pretty boring embryos. That was a Mike. Those two got together marriage is doing from the start that that's very true. In many ways it was the biggest issue marriage. Well maybe you were. Actually it was my fault you were. You could see the Soviet married. No I do go ahead call somebody. That doesn't Zimbabwe's.

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