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I feel like they both played like and maybe Natalie's played better, but dean has been nicer, and I genuinely could make a case for both of them. Same thing with Dino Ricky Lolo I think's genuinely genuinely has not played well enough to win. So mad. I did not get her in my it's making me. So mad everything that I wanted. No to be Natalie billion that spot right now. On that one. All right. So. Anyway, Tom Cato are going to go up on the block here. They are nominated by mar and Lolo Natalie Ricky are they'll agree Kato is going I know change there. We gotta get rid of Kato. Yep. You're in the course that if she even wanted they should we leave the nomination same. So in Spokane one of the two is definitely out of leaning more towards palm is that the correct assumption right now if they if if cater wins. No it. Oh, if if the both of them are still in the block the catering to go first. Yeah. Okay. Okay. We'll go first. Ok well, that's great. That's good for my draft. I really did not do. Well. Around. I look I've got people to chat like, no Taryn. We're not here for DNA win stuff. It's like listen. I'm not saying I'm here for Dino win. That is not what I'm saying. Put him saying is if she won I can understand why I actually do feel like she like if anyone deserves. I don't think anyone deserves to win this game. If we could just stop it now and say, no winners, I'd be totally cool with that. I don't think Hugh has played well enough to win this game..

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