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I was absolutely sick after that one Andrew, I remember Jaime Caraher had said the week before he goes, it's about ho the weekends. So the nil nil draw at Old Trafford than we hammered watt for a home in mid week. And we thought if we have three more points that keeps us a point ahead that keeps our noses in front, and that wasn't to be. And I just felt we were it was an uphill struggle after that familiar with six yards out, and it seemed like he had three arts no Saleh, as well silo had chances in that game more than the two that Steve Nicol talks about their by the way lovely production on that affects Matic sorry for to be a donor Liverpool listeners. But that was you keep saying, this is one is a real Downer will not for everyone. People who support Manchester City, listen to this podcast. This is not a Liverpool podcast. I know. But I'm just talking to Liverpool crew also if you're a fan of Everton and Lucas, Tina than it's wonderful moment for him. Probably one of the challenges of the season had that been a category. All right, the team of the season, this is probably the one that I always had the hardest time with because I could really come up with like my first team second team. And thirteen if I wanted to I'm gonna go first right? Or should we just kind of rotate here and all? Go first goalkeeper Giovanni formation of pay four four two. No, I think I'm playing a four three three fair enough. All right, my goalkeeper here, and you might have to shoehorn guys a little bit into possession, or not totally comfortable in, but whatever, goalkeepers Alison most clean sheets. But here's the thing. I, sometimes that's a little bit lazy. If a statistic to just lean on that and say, oh, well, he's the best keeper in the league because it's not just about that. It's also about the defense of the ad in front of him. But he also saved seventy nine percent of the shots that he faced for comparison, sake Minya lay for Liverpool last year was fifty nine percent and carry us was fifty six percent. I don't know that Liverpool were in the position that they wound up being at the end of the season headed not been for the improvement. They made at that position. Defensively we really stick with Liverpool here, Andy Robertson at fullback and Trent Alexander Arnold at fullback in the center, I went with Virgil Van Dyke and Merck LaPorte from the Chester city in my midfield. Manchester City again, with Bernardo Silva, I put in hazard in there and I put young men. Son in there as well even though it's really more of a forward. But I list, those again, this those again, Bernardo Silva didn't has our young men getting ripped apart. And you get destroyed. I thought about Fernandina, but I'm you know what these teams aren't actually going to play dare you to defend this team..

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