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That's the position most concerned about. Sure inside their way more concerned but for Sunday for this Sunday. I don't know if it's going to be able to go I have no idea, but he got ding pretty well. I know that and so suddenly who's gonna play back there. Alongside warner. You're asking Fred Warner in a second NFL game to run the show. Wow. That's yeah. But you're right. He was terrific. Look you guys mean Mark ended up playing a lot more snaps specially in the first half. And I think they took a little advantage on him from what I could tell watching the game again guys pressed into playing more in those in those linebacker spots than you would have thought there was a ton of guys they rotated the defensive line a lot. I mean, they they used that depth and played guys a lot of snaps, but to me again other than Fred Warner. The best thing was Buckner for Bucknell. T F L's in two and a half sacks. I understand Minnesota's not a strong team right now. But that's still that's the Buckner. If Buckner could have six to eight nine games like that this year that is going to be huge for the forty Niners. We're talking to Ted Robinson. Niners lose to the Vikings on Sunday. And of course, have the lion. For the home opener coming up this weekend. Obviously his Jimmy finally lost. I can't believe it. I thought he was going to. But he loses statistically, not very good. How did you assess his performance? Yeah. I'd be mixed bag. I mean, I think there were some real good things that didn't get the Dante Pettis ball in the end zone where? Watch it again, the the better TV version when I get back, and yeah, Wayne's made a terrific plan. I give Wayne's credit, and you do you still hope that that's a pedestal catch Kittles catch and then Garcia goes up in the end zone. Ball hit him in the hands. I know these are difficult catches. But I keep coming back. It's the NFL. That's what these guys are there for right? I mean there they're there because they can make those kinds catches. And at some point you're expected to make them. It's not it isn't Saturday football anymore where it's real easy and your wide open often in the ball gets to right your midsection. It didn't always that way on Sunday. So. Anyway, that the downsides Jimmy work. Yeah. Couple of inaccurate throws. I mean, there was a play on that long drive. I was talking about the second quarter the play where he's spinning away to his left any lodges the ball and almost got it picked in the end zone. I mean, you just can't eventually gold kicked off Raby. Gold kicked a field goal on the next play. But my God you can't make that that was way too close to being an interception in the end zone. So again, we knew this was going to happen. And this is going to be the test. Jimmy Garoppolo had his first three pick game. And two of them were definitely on him. The third was that overload blitz that where I'll take it at face value were born says, I ran the wrong route. But this is going to be a test that a seek as Jimmy hasn't dealt with this before. And guys I mentioned this on the air just for context again just context because it was very apparent to me in the first half. It was Kirk cousins fifty eighth career start was garoppolos eighth against not an excuse Garoppolo being paid awfully well right now, but it is just something to measure these guys. And so what you saw cousins in the first half with his new team. He looked like a veteran didn't he he looked really comedy absolutely area. He was considered may you compare the two quarterbacks. Cousins was more consistent. But Garoppolo had the the higher highs in the lower lows in that game. So and I think that's what you're going to get a little bit with the Garoppolo. But I think with Carson like he a guarantee he would say I should catch that ball. Exactly. He's a veteran player you catch. But I'm supposed to make that. Yeah. I in the Pettus one lucky sometimes you get the other guy gets paid to you had to give credit and then Kittles that's the one. I can't explain because he closed his hands for the ball ever got there. That was like the weirdest thing. I was like well shit new like keep your hands open into the ball hits your hands and then closed them must. I don't know if some guy desire he just made miss judged it somehow, but when they showed it on the rape play. 'cause I was like oh, man. I wonder just grazes fingertips is like, well, no, he closed his hands. He had no chance of catching that ball. It's all so what? So what? So here's the other thing to take away from all speakers those are three plays. The those were all explosive plays that didn't happen. How many others did happen? Once again getting used check free down the right sideline. Just like they did in a preseason game a big throat a pedestal shifted the field. And so here's the takeaway becomes once again Kyle Shanahan dolled up a lot of good stuff. Didn't he? Yes. You guys wide open. I mean, guys get it's not supposed to happen that often guys wide open. And what you saw for example last night with the Rams was that same kind of offense where the guys are pretty experienced, and they made the place and what you saw with the forty Niners are some guys with a little less experience. It didn't make all those place. Yeah. But the same concepts you have got to meet long-term. I come away from the game Sunday saying I still have pretty good faith in this forty Niner offense. They will score the bigger concern has been is the defense going to stop and the way the defense played in the second half. And. Actually on the flight home. We had a little delay in on the ground in Minneapolis. Team had unbelievable. Well, but had a chance to listen to Richard Sherman a little bit, and he was very optimistic about the defense after the game, admittedly that the first half. There was it's funny. They said that Sherman had a great point. He and cooks a tough guy tackle, he used the word slippery. Yeah. Which that one jolted all of us were how many missed tackles in the first half by the forty Niners, especially on cook. And and chairman get cooked the credit for that. So there was something about him. That was first time forty nine hundred seen him. There was something that was tough. But the defense second half the way they played is the way I mean, that's again, you see that. If you see that more weeks than not this year from the forty Niners that's going to bode, well, he may be slipper. He's no Chuck foreman. They give me the give me grief about some people because I love Frank Corso much. I said it was like it was like watching Frank Blake is Frank was like that. He got small at all the right times. Right. And you think lined up get this really clean hit on this little five nine back. And so now Frank would come out the other side, still running, no doubt. Thank you. Thank you. Ted, always fun. All right, guys. Take.

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