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Figured these crazy politicians think they can ban stuff, just because they don't like it or they wanna put tolls up all over the roads. And I remember million years ago they started with these tolls that was to pay back the cost of building the road, and then they would take them down. Hey, remember, Mario Cuomo? God bless him. He took the tolls down member. When you went up the Henry Hudson. There was a toll booth there in Yonkers, he took it down. Once it was paid for. So a lot of people are watching Connecticut. They got a crazy, new governor just a tax and spend crazy. He's of the tax everybody on everything. He's taxing cats. Now, you see a cat, most cats. Don't leave the house, there at home, so they don't need a license. They don't need so he's now going to install cat licenses. For what the cat never leisure living. It's going to have to have a license down. The reason is the licenses thirty bucks. It'll be thirty dollars every year to renew it. So he's coming up with these crazy taxes. He wants to put tolls all over ninety five in the Merritt Parkway, and eighty-seven all the main highways and the reason you need to watch, this is everybody else is going to be watching this. If this works, you'll see tolls all over Long Island all over New Jersey all over Westchester. So obviously, in Connecticut, there's a lot of opposition to this in Greenwich and Norwalk and Darien and Stanford and every they're having these town halls. And this crazy governor Lamont has been showing up at these town halls to address all these concerns. And now he's making these speeches to all the lawmakers thing they've got to do this. They have to stand up and vote for tolls. It's the right thing to why was this, the right thing to do? These are our roads. Can't just come into our roads and start tolling us for everything. So, you know, originally when he proposes trucks, only it was going to be out of state residents, and he said, it's not an easy vote. This is Lamont. It's the right vote, you must do the right thing. He's got fifty toll gantries ready to go up. So if you drive from this Greenwich to. New fare, Fairfield. I think you've got five tolls. You're gonna go through whoa. Greenwich fairfield. Yeah. Hey, laugh. If you somewhere else you're gonna see these northern boulevard, the L I e the Grand Central seventeen and route for the palisade, you'll be seeing these everywhere if he gets away with this, and he said, it's gotta be done. Now, they're also saying, it'll only bring in seven hundred million not the one point two billion that they other studies said it's a lot of money, seven hundred million. Hey, they waste like ten billion a year on over a paying for all the infrastructure there. This keeps them we don't have enough money for infrastructure. Stop overpaying by ten thousand percent on everything. Hey, see the new terminal. They built at LaGuardia twenty billion you see the new TWA hotel. They made the old terminal, which is much more elaborate, by the way. Six hundred million. You see what apple built for the new headquarters? It's the most elaborate building ever built on earth. It's fifty times the size of the terminal at LaGuardia that cost five billion. So how did this terminal, the guardian because twenty billion the tappan Zee didn't cost twelve billion? I know that's what they spent. It's eight hundred million. That's the real cost didn't need all these tolls. It's going good place. Anyways, go to Lou in. Pelham. Hailu. Yes. Show. Thanks, getting back to the Blasios nickname for the president. Don. What would what did a big conned and somebody living under a false identity? All of these years, Williams, Blasios, not his name. His name is Warren Wilhelm. Oh, it's actually build the Bill de Blasio. He was born William of Wilhelm, but he changed his name to DuBois Zeo. That's actually the point that let him go on that. You know, some people argue, well, some people argue change it to because is better in New York. If you've got an Italian name for running for now. No, no, no. He because Dan, but I give I think you're wrong in this he is apparently his father, he left him and he was not a abusive terrible. Father, no. The, the father was a professor of in. You didn't you didn't. You didn't know the father, you can't come in, in the father, but he says, is father was abusive, and it was a horrible thing, and he wanted to get away and go to the other side of the family. And that's why it changed his name. You gotta give him that he took his mother's name. I think taunted with. I know. But what you think doesn't matter here because you did? No. The guy you're totally in the dark on this. This this so much stuff wrong with Bill de Blasio so many things going to tack him for you. Don't need that. You don't need that. Let's go to Charlie and Long Island, Charlie. Good. Yeah. By the way, you've got a great show. Thanks. But you just talking about the blog, you, I'll give you specific of where he's messing up. All right. I'm I'm sitting on the belt Parkway going westbound cost bay boulevard. Yeah, that was stretch of the whole Parkway for over a month, which is that people can't go more than five miles an hour, and they're not even construction. There's not an accident. It's just a road. It's like driving on a trail. It's not. And it's all three. It's not even so I think she has a one for president. Well, yeah, but that's every politician. But he's putting these homeless camps. See if you're wondering how come when it says, men at work? There's nobody working. That's how they overpay. It's one of the ways they overpay by ten thousand percent. Whatever the job is, and they do this in exchange for votes and donations every union, every contractors told put on thirty times as many people as you need. If it's a two two-month job, take four years. And that's how they do it. That's what you don't seem to be working too much. It's just a. A whole scam if they do it in exchange for votes and donations. I don't know how you're going to bust up the system. It's been going on forever everywhere when we come back Jake Novak will be with us now. Here's the smartest guy around greatest business. Reporter we'll ask him about this, and we'll get to Amazon and apple and China and a whole lot more coming up. Let's get all the latest news on seven ten. W. O R. Here's Joe Barton. Okay. Mark mayor de Blasio nicknaming President Trump Condon calling him a bully, this as he announced his run for the White House and the twenty four democrat to get into the race. He's as scheduled events in Iowa and South Carolina over the weekend. President Trump tweeted into Blasios a joke and the worst mayor in the country. The president announcing new immigration plan today. Calls for letting more high-skilled workers into the country. It's a merit based plan. Democrats say they weren't consulted lawyers arguing against officer, Daniel Pantaleo going to rest, their case today. His NYPD department trial. He's accused of using a ban chokehold on Eric garner. Causing his death Pennsylvania's attorney says he used instead of a chokehold what's known as a seatbelt, hold our next update at noon. Breaking news at once. Dr David Lynn Berman, and Michael real in the morning, six to ten tomorrow. I'm Joe Bartlett on seven ten.

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