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You can't go follow that dream in Ohio. You need to check in with the governor. If you're going to sit somebody in your restaurant if you're a small restaurant and your face is cut in half You might as well not open. We're making it so businesses might as well not open. It's a big organic mess that Mike DeWine has created by not working with. The other co equal branches of government and by taking power and not giving it back. I want grandpa wine out of my business. I want him to stop telling me how scared we should be a family barbecues. I want him to stop having people paddle on restaurants and have people inside and I want him to prove his science anytime he says. He's following the science because He never does. Why're we swallowing that pill? Does Mike DeWine have invented science that the rest of us can't figure out so we can tell us where that science is? It's too much unhappy. The state House is doing this. I am poor. Any other rep that has not gotten on board. Get on board. Do your duty to your residents Do your duty. I don't care what your reason is. We're not doing it. I think you have a place in this world to speak up. You're a co equal branch, and you're not doing it. You know, Right now the House of representatives is in complete turmoil because of the householder issue. They're afraid to do anything, but, well, we have to go. Can you? Can you stay on hold for about 30 seconds? They're absolutely well. But John, hold stay right there. Let's continue with more of a line becomes available, which it never does. 513749 7000 Lele heading Deerfield Township Trustee, State representative John Becker coming up in 35 minutes, they say, impeached a wine off with his political head. News radio 700 wlw. 700 wlw Lele is a firebrand from Deerfield Township, which is near Mason for those listening around the country and always like to think that this is a sounding Postwar viewpoints are expressed.

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