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Their families for over eighty years. Now, I him warming up in the hallway a little while ago. We get quite ready or did get the pipes ready. And now he's ready to sing you know, what I'm talking about. Jim cornelius. Listen standing on the red carpet that extends out from the penalty boxes at the penalty timekeepers bench along with some very special guests so hawks and Redwings here in just a moment. But for now enjoy the anthem hawks fans four, bro. Specialist David gross. Wrong war veteran Davy Burgo heart recipient, cheetahs states, second-class Jones. Oh. Break. It's always. The national anthem. Kim. Nielsen are star spangled banner. Here today starting lineups in goal for the Detroit Red Wings is Jonathan. Defense for the wings. Daddy, de Kaiser and Nick Jensen upfront from left to right. The ageless Thomas Vanik starts at left wing centering the Redwings opening line Frans Nielsen starting at the right wing as Anthony mantha for the Blackhawks starting adults Cody Campbell, forty six eight at one with one shutout rare against the Red Wings. That defense are Duncan Keith. And Brent Seabrook. Upfront left to right break. The Jewish starts left wing. Jonathan J centers the hawks opening Patrick Kane. We'll start at the right way referees today are Dan O'Halloran. Justin. Air alliance. Brandon. Galloway? Today's opening faceoff is sponsored by chevydriveschicago dot com to be the best. You have to be dressed. See why Chevy is once again, the number one bestselling brand in Chicago land now for eight years running down the center, ice, they go the wings. Fifty one point one percent. Nice best in the NHL on draws. But he'll sit will face off against Jonathan the drop of the puck. This one's underway. The hawks control off the draw. The hotline Brett Seabrook takes the puck passes to Patrick Kane. Redwing blue line and the lines on the far side is going to say this is not hit the fick way to Patrick Kane. It goes all the way down and icing will be called against the hawks. Ten seconds into the game. No score every goal and assist by Johnson tasers. Patrick kane. Sponsored by chevydriveschicago dot com. Log on right now. Enter to win the Chevy Blackhawks custom Camaro convertible. Take your best shot Hazel face off again with Nielsen circle to the right of Camborne tossed out of there. Anthony mantha will try as walk. It gets dropped the puck tastes got it. To Kane in the circle put it back to the far corner. Deceiver men's the puck behind the hawk net near corner to keep wind up left wing psych Agila threatening line left wing side. He spotted over the right circle for Kane. Kane to the boards it down to the corner for caves he came in Taegu with Justin saint-pierre, the referee. Lost the puck Redwings come back into the hawk zone left point through the puck down the boards. But right on the Brent Seabrook. Stick quick pass up the left wing. Here's could Julia into the wing zone to the left wing half. Did you stop it? Put it down in behind the Detroit. The right corner came then out to the right point in the drive by Connor Murphy. Blocked in front of the net. And then the puck deflects up out of play off as a stick. So no scored nineteen o eight left in period. Number one. Faceoff will stay the wing zones, whatever the Blackhawks returned to full strength after a penalty. It is sponsored by northwestern medicine, orthopedics, the relentless pursuit better medicine. Well, the Red Wings. Jeff. Head coach fourth year behind the bench struggling to find some of their identity last couple seasons. But can't hall of who just recently became the winningest GM in the history of the trade, bedrooms, passive Jack Adams. Has a lot of confidence in this young group of guys that are big and skill. Here's Mike Greene. With the puck through the high slot. Fires a shot partially blocked by Murphy wider net. Bill and got the puck along the right boards. Carries it down to the right wing corner centers off the stick of just an advocate or in front out to the left point necklace. Cromwell put it down to the left wing corner for Larkin strove with the hawks is right there to slap Larkin. Stick played and the puck tumbles down ice into the Red Wings zone. Removes it over to Krahn wing line right wing side that Aaron home over the hawk line. Gustav Nyquist and the slot play there by the hawks later Kuku to get a stick in there and knocks the puck free. Eric gusts and carries out lose it in over the red wing line. Brendan Pearleen Augusta Celeste circle rifles on go and Bernie makes the glove. Save and whole. Puck faceoff will originate in the circle diverting as right? We have no score in the game points on the last game. But three goals in the system. The last four games always up on the playoff pensively. You love to see that part of his game joins the play every time. He has an opportunity where Jeremy wants to him and Joel Quenneville wanted him to concentrate a little bit more on was how he played his own today. I think that's the progress. That's heading in the right direction, Marcus Kurt or wins to draw from loop one Denning. He's the Redwings best faceoff guy. Hawks control. Here's a shot from Brendon Berlin from the high slot kneeling stick save made by Bernie hell pitches at head Andreas the hawk line down the left wing, and he got shot away from the bottom rim of the left circle. Look like war gotta stick on that knocking away where you can really see the speed there of Athens. See you on the attack. Now purlee the other way leads on one break. Down with a butterfly say Bill hold the puck and a whistle stops play. Boy, you could see per Leany trying to beat Bernie under the blocker there. But Bernie made a nice say faceoff will be in the circle to his left. Nice play by guessing the chip this puck over the head. Stuff to Kaiser Kaiser is a pretty big kid, but the puck was up and over his head. Two on one trader there. Pearleen teammates. Dylan Larkin back in Detroit with Belle tires years ago. Looking to get the Blackhawks on the scoreboard. First good odd man opportunity there all the way down the ice looked at his options fired the shot. Next faceoffs in the circle to burn as left. And it's gonna be Michael Rasmussen who was drafted here at the United Center. Twenty team lost the puck Chris Kunitz in the slot zone. Got it over to John Hayden of the left circle. He then lost the puck. Mike green of the wings. Put the puck behind the Detroit over the chronicle and a pass up the left wing to Rasmussen ill-spent down the boards in behind the hawk net. Work put into the far corner to Seabrook who put a pass up the right wing. Anisimov Bostick at center ice in the state of on wall. Hayden carries on moves the puck into the right wing corner in the wrestling zone lost it as Christian Christopher an was able to pull it away. Then Hayden took it back in the high slot. He'll dish it down the left wing to the corner wing zone. Mike green there to get it for Detroit Too along the near boards. Put between the circles to Cromwell he'll pass to the hawk blue line. Picked up by Duncan Keith. The great good point center ice Detroit lines, the flex the puck into the right wing corner. Battling there with Nick Johnson day scrapes the puck away, but the wings. Jacob dealer rose. Behind his neck. It around up the near boards out Slater. Cooking. Fires. Just say made by Bernie loose puck along the near boards. Picked up by Justin Abdulqadir from muskegon. Michigan right across the lake moves it to the hawk blue line for Gustav Nyquist. We get a whistle stopping play and offsides will be called here against the Detroit Red Wings. Three thirty into the hockey game. No score Blackhawk fans text lottery to be hawks right now for chance to win tickets to a Blackhawks game courtesy and the opportunity to have dinner with the Blackhawks faceted, courtesy of the Illinois watery that's lottery. Two four two nine five seven be sure to watch the drawing in the second period of tonight's game. I think too many men on the penalty for the Red Wings. The Blackhawks power. Power play goals needs at the last three games. Power play goals in twelve of thirteen for five against Vancouver. The other night getting citgo fueling good power. Play was three and a half done in this game Red Wings special teams in the bottom. Third or fourth PK and power play. Hawks control off the draw. Cain Cutler, right circle. Leaves it there for the line deep slot Gusta syndicate top of the right circle. Put it in low near the right wing corner to Strom he'll spend the puck to the right point gain. Creeps into the right circle. Too strong beside the net now backing in behind the red net. Loser to Kane along the right boards to the line deep slot Gusta syndicate top of the right circle. Shoots. Just save made by her. Puck rushed out of there by Danny de Kaiser's crosschecks, Patrick Kane in the back and king goes down nearly headfirst into the glass, but he's okay, no penalty. Call Bill enthroned beside the net. Path slot. Pretaped bounces off his stick Dylan Larkin the other way coli GNA NHL shorthanded goals step to the hawk line with the puck and sends a tumbler and on war. He went down in the butterfly position to stop it on kennel the hawk power play. Case to center ice with the puck over the logo. Bring it there to Kane redwing ROY left wing the on the left side to Kane of the right circle. Put it in. He tried to jam it in the back side. And that was not why burn yet brick. It got the puck back to Gusta Seneca. Lying flat. The cane right point the Gustafsen high slot to debrincat top circle back to central one. Timer deflected wide by Strom. Forty four seconds on the power play. Cain has the puck in the high slot rolling through to the top of the left circle behind the back pass different gonna cost us. All right. So little hammers a shot over the net and off the glass and around and now dealer rose will carry the center ice on the right wing long shot in on ward turned wide with a sliding pad. Save twenty five seconds in the hawk power. Plus good opportunities. Nothing get past the goaltender has yet. But some real good movements of good cancers. What I've seen so far that chemistry just continues to get better. And better. Collects the puck at the hawk line on the hand off from Keith skates ahead. Dumps it off the left wing boards and down behind the red wing net to himself and then lost the puck into the far corner. On wall. Got hold of it. You'll pin it up the near boards to center ice just as Nyquist steps out of the penalty box writ links come to full strength. Luke win downing in front of the benches fighting the hawks dominant Cahoon book Cahoon takes the puck puts it back into the hawk zone. Duncan Keith standing in front of the net with it. Brent seabrook. He'll move up the right wing to center as front of the benches. Fires it down the boards in behind the red net. Three gave it away near corner almost to hate. But it rolled off his stick remarking spins. The puck ahead Jonathan Eric's into the hawk blue line sent the puck into the hawk zone. Keith moves it over to Seabrook ahead now at center ice to Hayden. Tried to hand it off the Kunitz coming by ends up on the wing zone. Deep in the near corner. Dennis chill-out ski there will spin it ahead up the left wing at center ice to Larkin from the hawks bench. He it down toward the corner. Carl dalstrom to get it Heather Connor Murphy right wing center ice. He'll flip. It ahead for good. Julie into the wing zone. Mike green broke that up. Got the puck of Frans Nielsen along dump in from the left wing of center ice in front of the benches ends up in the glove of Cam ward. And he'll hold the puck and whistle will stop play thirteen. Thirty four remains in period..

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