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I think it was just tired of being asked the question he said yes but it's going to be ten more years because that's how long it took say between it didn't mean i don't know did it too it's always in the either but would it be though us as older people i think we're either going to be an underwater city under the ocean or we're going to the moon i would take that i take that to the bank man i would see it you guys could do anything on that front all four of you and it's it's over i'm in it's pretty fun yeah okay so it's not going to happen is what you're saying figure well okay let's throw it out so yes david character says it's going all right firem oji tweet breaking news breaking news right there okay so the kansas city chiefs have ten retired numbers would you believe the oakland los angeles raiders have zero retired i do believe that maybe none of them worth it art shell hold on a second the dallas cowboys zero retired numbers is it just a principle thing it's unbelievable zero retired numbers for both of those teams the bengals have one oh no doubt starting just go we can't bengals have one hope boomer bob johnson number fifty four in your program number one in your heart what bob johnson i mean linebacker by the way fifty four sounds like it like a linebacker honestly i know i might be belying my knowledge at all well god bless the bob johnson family how how many how many you think the steelers would have retired.

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