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Perception or did not sway mo one way or the other okay but i watch it and then i came out of the moving i texted johnny oh john i just just came out of combinator name to and i didn't like it either oh my god unless you didn't endless as as at and i think i hate it to unless you didn't hate him omg and he tech's back like twenty minutes is like no fucking hit it and he was the one who said i have the receipts and maybe at maybe this is unfair uehara regarding a prayer he said fuck that movie la any and then he tweeted michael through marketplace the father who has this amazing my look at the end performance he goes michael steele bob michael strokes through barred arm fucking socks to amber are oil and slow john is john is limbs by his word he them's fighting words those a he's coming africa awareness have you assume klima now do you know i'd rather yes well honestly i would say somebody asked me after the election i see this and i was like i feel like you should see should see it on here's the thing though i feel like it's not for a queer audience it's four straight people or it's just for people to lake understand that like clear narratives have this layton desire built and to them and this is like the the example of that um but also wool we'll go and we'll be like oh yeah lake and even like even people who understand like what that is will go to that moving me like yano jr the of course like like in order to understand that that nothing happens in your day life until later you don't need nothing to happen in the first hour ago that i got yeah that's why i gotta jim ride there vitally landed with firm with the young sing with the pacing with the tension building so um aparna i expect a full review after yuthea i will live tweet it thank you i i would say that unity israel throws is there is this is for the table is there a movie that was.

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