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To make it better area chris farley show asked a lowly his way to india himself massive prolonged questions doesn't listen for the answer really at snowville it's more all the questions are all kind of as we're like is steve doll interview with the question of alabama learn how they do it in a way that it makes it seem like i'm interested in what the other person is saying there's a skilled yeah there's a skill to it is not just anybody can do there are not mark bazars his name and so they had ravi fox up there he was due to tune and they had a assure like an sm fifty eight or whatever you know in the stage mike from the hideout and it was all dented and stuff like you think they could have at least put a like a you know a new screen on it or something fancier was dented up it just look that's how rocco it's odors embassy well whatever i know what you're saying no go for them to give the good one on the on tv you're going to be share the next week as gases like robert falls from the goodman but i don't why didn't people go beyond that show i know why because when you use the pbs hammer or the npr hammered people think they're doing everybody a favour rights yeah they don't realize of people are making money off all that stuff for national public radio effort yet for fits return the eleventh who knows window to the world as a few way there fi sat tw stands for window to the world the to the world and w t window to the world anyway tsa i can't not recommended enough let's just say w l tomasulo looked like he's got a good show to say that i like pat i'm not said i don't like him pure no i i did me new imply i just i like that there's lots of people i liked that shouldn't have shows drew lists later well i just gave me a shortlist all right fair enough a both fell to the pelicans last night in double o t demarcus cousins with a triple double bulls will get the sixers tomorrow night though they will likely not have chris done still dealing with concussion symptoms there cory crawford is back at the united center today working.

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