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Like that any would. Today's theme song was called by Time magazine. No LESS THAN AUSPICIOUS MAGAZINE. Time magazine as one of the most memorable TV theme songs of All Time Now. They noted some lyrics might not make sense to those older than the age of ten but the song is still awesome and Randy Vanity. Fair magazine also said that the theme song absolutely sticks in your head. The phenomenon known as the EARWORM can be encapsulated with this theme. Song Jesse loved growing up and he called in made a request. Hey Rows This is Jesse from Long Beach I just wanted to request a TV show tune for TV tunes. Tuesday it's One of my favorite I grew up in the eighties and the nineties. And I really love this song and I really would love for you. To explore it It's from one of my favorite cartoons as a kid. It's from ducktail and I was hoping you could do eighteen Tuesday on it especially because I feel like it shares a lot of similarities way hauling notes so. I just wanted to explore some of that anyway. Thanks lending minute by Duck Tales the beloved Disney TV series. I missed up till right past me while I was Gi Joe and he man and transformers and duck tales was sort of on the tail end of that I was flipping around watching cartoons even duck. Tales infected me certainly the themes. I watched it a couple times but yeah I was never big in the duct duct tales of that going. Ooh Afterwards and it wasn't. It wasn't my duck tale. I miss it. The Duck Tales theme song was written by Mark. Mueller Mark is an award winning pop music songwriter. By the way he's worked with a ton of big name artists but he also writes for television and film and stage. He was paid just a lower thousand dollars to write the tomb but it was so successful that they also asked the right the tomb for chip and Dale Rescue Rangers which was also memorable Disney theme song as well. The song was sung by a guy named Jeff piscataway now. Jeff was asked by mark early on to cut the demo version of the Disney song and Disney liked it but they had already made a deal with the pop group the jets to perform the theme song for broadcast. Remember the jets. Yeah it was like a family group homes they so so they had them record it and then when Disney listened to it and they said Nah that other guy was better so they had to go back and pay him again to record the actual version. It is the stuff of legend if you grew up in the eighties than you know the ducktail theme song as I mentioned you can't hear it without going. Ooh Now the connection to haul notes. Well we'll talk about that in a minute but for For Right now here's Jesse's requests for TV tunes. Tuesday the theme from Duck Tales. I just like Bernie lasers.

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