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We'll watching the hunting of hill house. It's very good. I also watch trick or treat last night. It's a really good. We should do next week. We'll do around up of horror movies kessel for actual Halloween because I'd source comes out on Halloween. So you can have a little guide to what to watch tomorrow night. If you are like us, sometimes right like to be inside on Halloween, and there has been a really some really great horror films. We've been watching this Halloween. They're they're out there. They are great year for all right? So this is a story by Ben Alpert swift. Ooh up and thinking about doing it since last Halloween. I put a lot of research, and I got a paper route. So every morning, I do a dry run in my head. I picked the houses at random, then I see how I feel about it. If it goes into the root till feels wrong took fifty eight main street because it's where MRs night live's. And I really want to get away with it and not get caught. It's two weeks from Halloween pick up my costume. I don't. Too much effort into it. I want something I can dump quickly. So I settle for a black Cape. And ghoul mask doesn't really look scary. In fact, that looks pretty stupid. But that's what I like about it. I stopped doing the dry runs as Halloween got closer. I got a bus and walked a little bit. Then bought my supplies from shop. I'm pretty certain nobody I know will use. I wore baseball cap and pull the down to cover my face. Just to be sure I got a full shop so not to draw attention to the eggs and toilet paper their stuff doubts about the big day. My stomach was in flips all morning almost forgot about doing it. But next year, I'll be thirteen and then I'll be too old to get away with trick or treating the stomach flips kind of felt good. It's well through schoolmate fake promises to meet my friends and hang out. My dad mom are in when I get in and asked me what I'm doing. And I tell them probably just going to go around two bills or maybe just stay home and play fortnight child stuff. I don't I don't know what for nine is. But it seems it's video game. Yes. Video game. It's very popular holding mcnealy plays it and he's well over twelve. Yes. He does is big boy big boy guy. They make a big show about how tall lean and they end up. But I think they're happy that I'm not going out and causing trouble a hang out at home for a bit. And when the parent and kid group stopped coming around give it half an air that I put my costume supply. So my school back. I tell my mom that I'm off the bills, and my mom, I'm off Georgia's going to get my costume out of my bag and chain. So I complained I how cycles are his friends like old men George any twelve year olds. I don't think of Bill joy like names that are copy you cave, spring and bay Edward Norton. And all those words yet. Okay. The first house I get with toilet paper. I enroll it before it throw it the first throw land short. But the third hits the sweet spot in a tree. And it goes everywhere, I run away screaming laughing. I can't even run properly. It's so funny. The second is even better I run into the house knock on the door and dash old man comes to the door. And he looks really confused then he closes the door. Again, this time he's really angry, and he shouting and swearing I do one more time this time he's waiting and he tries to grab me. But I'm too quick. I run away. And I'm how God this is going to be better than I expected. I was gonna leave until like the fourth house on my mission mischief roup before I did the real thing. But I can't wait. I'm too excited. I get the exit of my backpack. My aim is brilliant. I hit them or Sadi's right in a windscreen. The next to hit the car is well top it off the second exit double euchre, then I get a big one. Then I window that grabs her attention..

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