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So we love it we love it we love it we love it not you get the gist talking about tesla stock most hated and most love going to tell you though i love this story tomorrow must read on the bloomberg on this friday david is detroit bureau chief ed bloomberg news joining us right now from our blue from our detroit bureau and it's so true david people who come on and they defend tesla vigorously and then i've come on and they're just either shorting it or just you know like the guy but like the ideas but don't think it's a good and sustainable company to us about this story so this is a yankees versus red sox in the uk celtic versus rangers it it's just a two very divergent schools on one side you have the fan boys are the warriors they not only love the cars but they they have this this affinity for his vision and from an investment standpoint they're not buying stock just because they like cars his cars are cool if that were the case they would have bought a ferrari shares it's really they see a future of clean electric cars that drive themselves i think that tesla has the technology and the talent anyone's vision to get their first and to make a lot of money eventually and they're willing to wait through a lot of cash burn a lot of losses and a lot of miss financial and production targets to get to that payday on the other side are the the shorts the bears they see a company that's burning cash has made money just wants in it's one quarter profit prophets history and they don't see how they're gonna make money anytime soon and they figure yes somebody gets going to get to that vision of clean electric self driving cars.

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