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Covering one hundred seventy thousand acres and fanned by resurgent wins in northern california abc's jason nathanson is there there's concern the winds will be back tens of thousands of people remained out of their homes and many including allen don't know what it's left you worried about your house no are you have won her i don't the prettys then way of looking at well zennis more fun than the alternative is all is more pressing concern making sure his family is safe and maybe a change of underwear i didn't gravity any closing so we're in the same clothes jason nathanson abc news santa rosa california on capitol hill house speaker paul ryan says congress will soon pass disaster relief legislation to help people in california and those hurt by hurricanes he did not however embrace any legislative action on gun control saying instead the bureau of alcohol tobacco and firearms to look at the rules for bumps stocks those devices that convert rifles and automatic weapons it makes sense that this is a regulation that publishing will happen in the first place and we want to understand and why is it that they got let this go through in the first place so we think the regulatory fixes the smartest quickest fix and add frankly like to know how it happened in the first place at the white house the president's tweeting about football again president trump tweeted wednesday quote it is about time that roger goodell of the nfl is finally demanding that all players stand for a great national anthem the nfl doesn't mention the president by name by says in a new statement that quote commentary this morning about commissioner gals position is not accurate in a memo to team owners and executives yesterday dow wrote quote we believe that everyone should stand for the national anthem but there is no demand abc's karen travers at the white house in baton rouge ten members of a louisiana state fraternity have been charged with hazing one with negligent homicide in the death last month of eighteen year old pledge pledge max gruber you're listening to abc news are you paying too much for term life it's too although to i'm bill vanko on wbal newsradio 1090 we are going to go right i'll to napa valley california where a press conference is just giving to get underway as they update ussl amelio wildfires their way i will say that i hear at.

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