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I think so. Yeah, I Billy is right now controlling my Instagram. I've never used Instagram. I know someone came down here from Bristol. And try to show me how to use Instagram, and then I was supposed to call him a couple of days after he left. They still haven't followed up on it. But the book a basketball is out hang on. I'm reading it. And I'm done. Great books. Do beg. You can you sign. My copy. Sure, I'm telling you if we did a book signing it would sell. I'm not even joking. It would up Mike, and we get this done. Of course, you want other people to do any all the work here. I mean, I'll do what tell me what I gotta do it. I'll do have you ten. I'll take ten percent of a million dollars. All right. Let's go. You're wait. No. I already have ten percent ten percent of. Wow. This is problematic of a million dollars. Oh, it's a ninety ten split hundred dollars. Right. I always ask for one hundred ten percents of what I will do is ninety ten ten about that. We'll figure it out. I mean, I don't know. Always give it one hundred ten percent. So the book of basketball's out, you could read Bill Simmons. It will take you nineteen years to read it or you can remind and we'll take you less than nineteen seconds. And autograph before you about that putting out excerpts for those. Who haven't seen it am? I what putting out excerpts for those. Who haven't seen it? Nope. What's an expert? Stew botany. That's at as well, Sean McDonough, the former voice football tells one of the great stories of all time. No, not a transition. It's just him at a bowling alley drunk. That's it Aleve. Get not at all overselling it. Nope. One of the greatest stories of all time. Mcdonagh or the book of basketball. Is to potty drop that you have. Or does he say at the same way every time? No, he's he says at the same the same every time. I thought the first time you guys started playing it. It was a drop. Me perfect. What are we aqua? What do we do with this book a basketball? We've got a capitalized while taught. We do. What are we going to do at bell tomorrow? Let's read the book of baseball. You're going little these too much to suits to guys you got to let people enjoy the book basketball first. And then we'll have a follow up book baseball later on printers running out of ink. Don't forget the second edition and the paper bag through you know, we never got to today selling Cheetos tomorrow, I was I was waiting for your dad, we are going to create Cheeto figures. His money back. Because people he's suckers out. There are vying thereby Cheeto shape, things made out of Cheetos on EBay for twenty five hundred twenty five hundred dollars a pop is it actual things that look Cheetos that look like other things or you actually shape them into this down and Cheeto it's like, you know, they'll they'll take Cheeto that looks like an animal, right? And then they'll sell it on EBay for twenty five hundred dollars. I'm in brilliant. There is that she does shaped like Godzilla that you can buy anybody for twenty five hundred dollars. There's one that shaped like Harambee they They need need. might for twenty five hundred dollars. There's one you could buy that's shaped like a bald eagle..

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