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Hafbro Upper Moreland, Pico, Forge Park discussed on 24 Hour News


And weather on the twos. And here brand of the PICO traffic timing Andruzzi saver rue the morning is going to be York road in Hafbro upper Moreland. Again, save time and energy, but going to PICO dot com slash smart ideas. Problem was a truck that was stuck at the underpass between Warminster road. It's Watertown road. It's gone. Now, if serious delays over the past hour, but York road south is now clear upper Moreland. But again, all the alternates are still jammed up. Unfortunately, that includes mill road that be as you off York road to go to your right and trying to get to the turnpike is six eleven it's still quite tied up, and again, all I can tell you the lanes are open up ahead of you. Now, we'll go to the turnpike and westbound direction still slow between willow grove and fort Washington and other separate accident cleared out of the way thirty bypasses tied up in Chester county eastbound approaching two east of three twenty two broken down vehicle up ahead of you is now cleared out of the way problems in valley. Forge park this morning to fifty two reports it's blocked above yellow springs and valley creek roads a truck lost a load steel at south of the park south the route twenty three four twenty two eastbound slow oaks on expressway east through conshohocken. The boulevard inbound and western Schuylkill expressway, still back there to sell the boulevard out to Belmont avenue. Southbound ninety five jammed approaching cop down to salve Allegheny an accident in the left lane. Now cleared out of the way west in the vine expressway still pretty much river to river. We have some delays for Paoli Thorndale regional rail. Switching problem twenty minutes as everything else on close the schedule. Pico has lots of ways to help your business. Save energy and money. Visit PICO dot com slash smart, ideas, PICO the future is on in the KYW twenty four hour traffic center, I'm Sam clover..

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