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So you're driving you haul truck because you can't afford tesla and tesla cost up to like sixty grand, but minimum you're gonna be spending at least three hundred dollars on a tesla. And that is not happening right now because you're actually spending a lot of money on other stuff to get right for wartime because women have to get their hair done. They have to replace their old nails every time they paint their nails, and that takes lot of time and a lot of money, and then you know times. Time's up. So that's what I think about seat is that I don't like CPO mostly because we had a fling me. And my that I tried to stick to seatbelt inside myself, and it didn't work out. But did. So seatbelt Distasi pill inside myself, and it didn't work out, and I'm actually not going to get into that in detail, but it didn't work out. And there's a little offer tension inside you also now now I don't like seatbelt. And that's my personal thing was seat though. So I hope when you're driving home today, if you're driving now, you're gonna unbuckle that seat belt. That is so interesting. So what the wheel landed on was seat Bill. I don't even remember that being on the wheel. I suggested a Tam. I totally forgot. But she's right about some. I like thought about a lot of thought about before is a triangle triangle, I didn't know that you guys had like history. Yeah. But that I I mean, and you easily have said like, hey, you know, that one you couldn't even stop the show that one's a little bit like. Like a little bit weird. Well, ended today. Listen, I did know that there was awkward tension inside the U haul. And I did know that tesla costs three hundred dollars. But I had never heard that in this context. Yes. It was kind of a new frame for an old painting. Well, it makes sometimes it's yes, it's interesting. Sometimes there's things that you know, but you've never really thought about. Yeah. And so to be challenged and that way just in terms of seat belt. Was pretty wild. Woods all about like. The like taking paradigm and just like smashing. That's all okay. Okay. Spin the wheel. Shod again. Okay. Well, this'll be quick get it on their way. Do karaoke. That's been..

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