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The white sox are rolling right now there are absolutely rolling they are the best team in the American League? and. That's a team that went out there and paid money. In fact, the only team that's better than them. Are the LA dodgers. And I just wondered when you think about the dodgers. World series. Nineteen eighty-eight ouch. The as have won a world series more recently than the dodgers. The dodgers have no excuse because you're in an era out. There's no more frank mccord situation. There's no more you know don mattingly whatever they they have a manager that they like. They have great talent. They add to that talent if they don't get it done this year. If they don't win the world series. especially. When you look teams that have won at like just like it last year. What what mirror they gonNA look him. They get knocked out by Atlanta. Dr Said. My Lanta they get knocked out by Atlanta if they get knocked out by the cubs. Cubs by the way having a nice little resurgent season. Remember last year. Didn't go for. So swimmingly for them there their ten games over right now. But at some point, you have to take advantage of this dominance I. Mean you look at a guy like Clayton kershaw going to end his career. A world series. Ring. Out He's got how many. L. Rings does he have. But do you want to have I mean it's not a King Felix situation who? Never made the playoffs about that. Mariners had that guy and they said, they threw away his career. He made a lot of money and a lot all star games and. With what thirteen losses? That's really something when you can do that. Because everybody knows that. You're the best. You're the best pitcher despite all that. But it's just a matter of capitalizing on on opportunities and with sixteen teams in this is this'll be one of the craziest playoffs ever plus there's no wild card game as well. Game series. And that's what Oakland is looking at right now in that first round of playoffs, they will get to host all three games if necessary at the Oakland call, Sam and the same thing, other division winners are going to get to. All three games and then we're going to go to these. Usual venues. Like. How Weird would it be? Unless you're the Texas Rangers. Who as we? See Right now are in last place there even worse than the angels are game and a half worse than the angels but unless you're them, how would it be to play a world series home game in Arlington Texas? That doesn't make a lot of sense to me. But said, there's hopefully this is a one off. You know I I. Hope we get through it but hopefully, it's a one off where you could say that you know Kinda like we look at eighty one, the strike year eighty, nine, earthquake series, those those are nothing compared to this sixty game schedule. I'll major league baseball has said yesterday Rob Manfred that at this playoff format is basically here to stay. It's not been completely approved, but it's basically here to stay. We're going to have that we already knew that Universal D. H. is coming I. Don't know if we're going to have I. don't know how hard they're gonNA fight on that. They might fight on that. They might not. On that. And I don't care about that. Either way I would like to see in National League not have a D. H.. Well. On Speed Lokomotiv Plovdiv? Who won that is a real this is a Europa League qualifier. It's killing me but now they can get into the group stage so. There's nothing like watching a game when you're not even watching it because it's a black feed but the Bulgaria the coach of the Bulgarian team, he's got like these like weird shells. And I was wondering Puka shells just made it to. Bulgaria. But I digress. The teams that were disappointing. You're the angels aren't you going to go out there get a Max Scherzer and Stephen Strasburg and I know Strasbourg has signed but I'm just saying you need a couple of guys like that. And if you get an a ren down. As I said at the time when they picked up down if you get a guy like Ren dawn. That's fantastic. The guys one of the best on the planet. What about pitching? Isn't it somewhat big. I mean the whole reason everybody like the reds was they got stockists and Kosta Janas. Okay. Those are especially costing. Good. Players but that enough. But the whole thing about the the diamondbacks I never understood that one. And I mean pretty much everybody except Zach Gallon. All through the floor for them Zach Gallon is really good by the way. And then if you think about the Rangers, they definitely want to win next year because if they didn't, they would've traded Dylan Bundy at the trade deadline. Which I would have done. It might say, well, don't you need pitching if I'm the angels that's a guy. That I would have picked up. So I know the angels try. You could say look we're coming Angel Fan. They tried very hard for Garrett Cole Kohl's from Orange County, and then never Cole. decided to go to the Yankees because of Champagne..

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