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The first nine members of the new civilian Response unit graduate today after training for six weeks at the police Academy, Their cars will be marked civilian response, but they don't look like police cars instead of uniforms, all wear colored shirts with the Citi logo. Civilians were respond to incidents such as abandoned cars, burglaries, credit card fraud and loose cattle. Fill out paperwork and do basic investigations. I'm Michael Kastner. The Minneapolis City Council is approving in $27 million settlement with a family of George Floyd Floyd Family Attorney Benjamin Crump called it the largest pretrial civil rights settlement ever. Start checking those bank accounts. Now Some are saying they just received their stimulus check. The first wave of payments is being deposited this weekend. With 85% of the nation getting a full $1400. The money can also come by mail either as a check or debit card and will continue being sent out over the next several weeks. Gas prices in Texas air now averaging 2 57 a gallon for regular up a dime from a week ago and 54 cents higher than a year ago. The national average is 2 83 due to a combination of OPEC production cuts and market optimism about the stimulus bill. The last time the statewide average was this high was around Memorial Day of 2019 Houston, drivers are paying an average of 2 52 for gas. Willie Nelson, Don Henley and George Strait will perform for Matthew Makana Hayes were Texas benefit concert streamed Live Sunday, March 21st at seven P.m. on Makana, his YouTube channel. It benefits Texans recovering from the Winter storm. The Texas Longhorns have advanced to the finals of the Big 12 tournament tomorrow after their semifinal opponent Kansas had to back out of the tournament due to a positive covert.

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