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Hill House and Senate leaders announcing they had reached an agreement to keep state government funded through October. It's a 16.5 $1,000,000,000 interim budget. Neither the House or Senate had been able to come up with a full year spending plan because of the pandemic. Lawmakers are in the last days of their formal legislative session. After Boston's mayor proposed a 20 per cent cut off the Boston police overtime budget and the City Council made it official last month. Counselors and bpd officials met today to begin working out the details of making it a reality. We're from the BBC Madison, Roger's. So the bpd overtime budget was $60 million. Last year, they spent 72 million so they're effectively trying to spend 24 million less in the matter of making that happen is anything but simple. Bpd has a mandated number of officers they need to keep in the field at all. Times. Bpd. Superintendent Jim Hudson says the most effective way he sees to decrease over time is have more officers to cover those shifts specifically out injured backto work. Is the number of officers who are out sick and injured is higher than it's ever been. And more officers are retiring early to less. Officers means more overtime. So many demands on the police start breaking down. They say it is an opportunity to catch a break. And they take their opportunity of the meeting today, just the first of many trying to figure out how to somehow cut the budget while growing the force and stay committed to the ideas of accountability and transparency that caused the cuts in the first place. Madison Rogers W. B z Boston's NewsRadio Clock's ticking towards September and school districts still trying to figure out exactly what learning will look like in the fall called Stevens tells us what's happening in Peabody. Pretty. School Superintendent Josh Medulla told committee members that in order for reopening to work in the fall, they need to hire a couple new positions, including an adjustment counselor to help kids deal with the trauma of the virus. As for what school will actually be? Well, he's not sure the families really We're looking at the a D model, which would be two days on two days off. Our faculty also supported that. So if we go a hybrid model, we would likely be trending in that direction. But we haven't made any decisions yet. But those decisions will be made and have to be made soon, because while the virus can change a lot of things It cannot move back September Carl Stevens W B Z Boston's News Radio Hampshire Senator Maggie Hassan says she's fighting to make sure schools there have what they need to re open. The Democrat held a virtual meeting yesterday with administrators teachers about the challenges they face. Repairing for remote in person band or hybrid approaches. The senator heard concerns about safety and access to personal protective equipment. Ah, lack of broadband access was also identified as a potential roadblock to expand online learning, 508 We go off the Wall ST. Joan Doniger is at Bloomberg, and we just kind of forget this day move on to Wednesday. Probably a good idea. Bin The Corona virus really hit Wall Street earnings today, With the Dow falling 205 points the NASDAQ 130 for the S and P 21 MacDonald saw same store sales sink like a stone last quarter and its shares fell A couple of percent to Starbucks, which saw same store sales dropped 40% last quarter also saw spending on the orders that we did make grow, so that kind of blunted that effect There's a new deal that I mix may get a little boost by a major news story out of Hollywood. AMC, which is the largest theater chain will allow Universal pictures to make it's movies available toe on demand audiences just 17 days after they come out in theaters that used to take three months to happen. I'm Joan Doniger. Bloomberg Business on W. B Z. Boston's news Radio. Europe can tell you.

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