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Hand, the nets the Nets have been great all year. Yeah, they had some disappoint losses and the four game losing streak until last night there come from behind Win. Like they had over the Nuggets, who are a little bit shorthanded. But we know we know what Kyrie and Durant and when they get hard in there. We know what they're capable of. We know they're very good. Their price still not gonna be good enough defensively, but offensively when they could put up 140 on any given night in the playoffs be a little different, right close to 220. That's the way the game is officiated and how the possessions are a little bit different. In the postseason. Yeah. I mean, I'm excited about that. They were a good team. The Nets have been good all year. Yeah, they had these struggles late, but they have been a good team all year, and they're the number two seed right now. They're half game ahead on the Milwaukee Bucks, a team that just beat him back to back games. So it's not as if the Nets the Lakers were frauds. This year, they were really good. But when I look at the games Miss Anthony Davis 35. LeBron James 24 Schroeder eight. Since he's Bit on the team and missing these games of late. The Nets. Kevin Durant 33 James Harden, 20 Kyrie, nine. When he just decided to take a sabbatical. It's so join early in the year. He's just gone. I think this could rub fans the wrong way. If if it again goes to show and I think a lot of people already have this thought about the MBA. That? Hey, wake me up. Not when the playoffs start wake me up when the finals start. Because that's going to be the message. If these two teams end up meeting each other that it doesn't matter who your coaches They're people that I'm sure if I would ask, have no idea who the Lakers coaches while he's a champion now, and he's always been a good coach. But he's a champion now after last year. On Steve Nash. With Absolutely no experience. And there were some some other coaches, so I'm sure we're not happy. They didn't get the chance to work with that team. He just gets tired is the head coach and I know they have a great support Staff, a great group of assistance. But Steve Nash as your head coach. And that's all. It takes a team that has injuries all season long a team that As a star player. Just leave the team unannounced. Not even tell the team, not even an explanation as to why And when you just roll the balls out, come playoff time. That team could just make it work and go to the finals. What does it say? About what? It's supposed to be the journey of the NBA regular season. If that is the case, you could never get away with this in the NFL. You just couldn't the game does not lend itself to that. And even last year? Yeah, they threw Tom Brady. Hey, Tampa Bay Box Semen? Yes, They won the Super Bowl, so I'm sure some of your say Well, wait, wait. What about that? That seems a little en bas. It does. I don't think that will be the norm. I? I really don't and you know they want what they were seven with a seven and five. At one point, the Bucks did have their issues, but Things came together and then you remembered. Oh, they have Tom Brady and even play all that great in one of the playoff games, threw three interceptions. They still want it all. I think that's the exception rather than the norm, the MBA. I mean, why would any of these players ever with their guaranteed contracts? With all that money that they have. Why would they ever put forth effort again in the regular season? If it is just going to be a collision course. Between the Lakers and the Nets. And so while I would love to see those two teams and see all that talent on the floor at the same time, and I think it be a great serious, why wouldn't it? Why wouldn't it be a great series? I don't care how bad the Nets defense is. They're still gonna win games. They just are I'd probably picked the Lakers to win the title if it's Anthony Davis and LeBron. Big shocker there, but who is not signing up for that? Watching. Can you imagine the storylines? First of all, Kevin Durant. And LeBron going toe to toe again. After the back to back finals. Here's a few years ago in which you could make the argument. I know LeBron and have as much help, but you could make the argument Kevin Durant outplayed him. There are there are key possessions where Kevin Durant was getting stops on LeBron and where Kevin Durant was burying threes from from 28 ft. Away. Writing LeBron's face. Okay, That's one story line. How about James Harden. James Harden, finally. Getting over the hump the proverbial monkey off his back. We're going on a great playoff run and having huge moments in the playoffs. Would be enormous. About Kyrie. Going up against LeBron. The guy that he helped win a title. Remember? It wasn't LeBron That hit the big shot. He had the big block a Della, but who is the one who hit the big shot when nobody could score at the end of At the end of that game in Game seven. Golden State. That was Kyrie. So the story lines are great, and I want to see it. I want to see those two teams. Well, what is the average fan saying? And what of the players doing going forward? If we're just gonna fast forward and see the Nets and Lakers After this kind of a year after this season, when guys missed all these games when I was never chemistry.

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