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John here. Christian Burgoyne going happy Friday all an happy World Series day. Absolutely Hillary impressive profits last night. The Red Sox are onto the World Series. First time since two thousand and thirteen four time in the last fifteen years, so Red Sox fans and really all sports fans in the area, certainly spoiled. That's why the rest of the country eights Boston sports fans because we're so successful not we're so successful. I had nothing to do with last night. I watched the game. And I want to see them do. Well, well, I would say that you are not alone in taking credit for whatever wins. Come Boston sports teams way when they do not want. The blame fact he wants to gang up on whoever happens to be the token, you know. The person to blame. And that's normally David price last night spectacular. Yes. First postseason win as a starter up against like the best pitcher on the other team. Yeah. The best money pitcher in baseball and Justin Verlander the Red Sox. You know, there wasn't a lot of pressure on them last night because they're up three games to one gained five was in Houston. If Houston won that game you'd be back here for game six and possibly game seven at Fenway. But it's good to get this series over with because Chris sale had some ailments. You bullpens a little beat up because they've been used so much in the postseason. So now, you get a chance to celebrate catcher breath. And then the World Series starts Tuesday night at Fenway park. So get a little break there to get your pitching staff properly aligned for whoever they play in the World Series. Whether it be the brewers or the dodgers who are you hoping for the dodgers. I mean, they'd lead three games to two game six tonight, Milwaukee. But that would be a really sexy matchup Red Sox. Dodgers, Boston L A. Dave Roberts who is the manager of the LA dodgers. Of course is. Famous here for stealing a big base in game four the two thousand and four American League championship series. When the Red Sox, Madonna run and three games to none Richhill is from the area pitched a little bit with the Red Sox and part owner of the dodgers is none other than Magic Johnson. Of course, had the great rivalry with Larry Bird and the Celtics throughout the eighty two huge baseball markets. I think that would be the sexy matchup by the brewers are a nice story. But the dodgers are royalty. And I think that would be a fantastic World Series Red Sox dodgers, how long this is once again, the no nothing Shapiro jumping in here. How long have the dodgers being really a team to be how long have they been? If won their division six straight years. They are the second most valuable franchise in baseball after the New York Yankees. I mean, they moved from Brooklyn to Los Angeles in the late fifties. They built their beautiful ballpark in nineteen sixty two Dodger Stadium which third oldest ballpark in major league baseball only behind Fenway park and Wrigley field. And if you saw Dodger Stadium it looks. Like a modern ballpark. It is absolutely beautiful. It just has that look to it. It has almost like a madman feel to it. Fifties sixties. Yeah. Like, those really awesome colors. Just a great franchise. They're they're one of the great franchise and not just in major league baseball, but in all of professional sports. So I think that's what I'm sure Fox Sports who will be carrying the games would like to see Red Sox dodgers to big TV markets. More Waukegan fascinating story, very passionate fan base. But they don't have the sizzle with the sex appeal of the dodgers, not even close. So in. In the last game. There was some sort of a weird like either or supposedly fake play that they meant to do on purpose. Between the dodgers and the brewers and one teen didn't go for it ended up doing ended up doing. Well, do you know what I'm talking about a little bit? I mean Christians been following in that series a lot more than I am because I get invested in the Red Sox, and sometimes I watch basketball and hockey and these other things, but basically what the brewers. Eighty five. They started a pitcher Wade Miley who actually used to pitch for the Red Sox. He threw to one batter and then they took him out because left handed to righty in. So that now all of a sudden the dodgers who built their line-up to face Wade Miley left. That's exactly what flipping at some moment. Which is kind of, you know, look great council. The manager of the brewers are trying to find a way to win. It was a huge game game five, and it didn't work because Clayton Kershaw who's one of the best pitcher in baseball was outstanding for the dodgers. But this is what we see. Now from all reports. Wade Miley may start the next game. And maybe do a similar thing. Or are you trying to get couple innings autumn because it's with baseball when facing elimination everyone's available. Everyone's available to every trick. You have up your sleeve you try to use. Yeah. I agree with that the I think the dodgers the sexier picked. But I want to see the brewers because think the bruiser better story. No one expected to have the best record in the National League. This year figured the cubs to win the division Abreu is when the division on the play in game a playoff type game after the season's over because the cubs and is tied for the best record in the central. So I like their story. And I think it's better for the Red Sox. The pro is really don't have any starting pitching. And the brewers bullpen is at the pitch a lot in this. So they've been beat up. So I just think the easier matchup if your bus mid SOX fan would be see the brewers come to town, but the brewers will have to win tonight and tomorrow right to happen. One. All right. So John Sabatini. You're a numbers guy. How often is a pitcher brought up for one. One batter. And then taken out later the game that will happen. Just doesn't happen. No. You want your starter? It's different now than before where you wanted to start to go six seven innings to get to your bullpen. Now. The way baseball is if you get five innings from you started. That's outstanding. But there's a new thing in baseball. We they don't call it a starting pitcher they call it an opener and a team like Tampa Bay would surprise people. This year would have one or two bullpen days a week where they would bring in a pitcher and he pitched maybe one maybe two winnings at most. And then turn it over the bullpen. So that your best pictures available later, but you just I've never seen that before in the postseason with a starter. Yes. Goes in for one batter and then comes out because the manager wanted to flip the lineups from all right handed to left handed, and it didn't work because the dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw was pretty much unhittable in game five. So again at this point all the tricks are out there for the managers. So that move is. It's never been using the playoffs. You've never seen it in ask. No. I don't know. How often it's if it if it's used during the normal season very really in the regular season they still trying to get at least one inning out of this opener. It's called a starter. Now, it's called an opener or maybe two innings, and then you start to use all your pictures. And I guess it makes sense because you have all these pictures at your disposal, and if you can use the more you can stretch out your bullpen. So that you getting your best pitchers in there. I mean last night the Red Sox brought in Nathan evolved, e who's been outstanding in the postseason as a starter. They brought to the bullpen Alex Cora. One of the seal. This thing up last night right now, Chris sale healthy. He's been dealing with some sort of stomach ailment. You can get your stood up and you can set up your staff for the World Series. So he at all costs wanted to ended last night. Plus, she's really good. You don't wanna give them an opportunity to bounce back. Even though they were down three games to one. So it was managing in the postseason is differential season. That's really interesting about baseball. Baseball's one hundred and sixty two game season. It's very. Leisurely? And then all of a sudden you get to the postseason in its best defied best of seven the games are heightened their intense every at bats much more intense. So the manager has to step up in know that every single and that means more in the postseason that doesn't regular season encourages is done a wonderful job with his team. Not just on the field between innings one and nine but just handling this entire team dealing with the media because this is a high pressure job being managed to the Boston Red Sox. Extremely high pressure night. You're one he's been spectacular. Did you want to weigh in? I I'm looking forward to the to the World Series. And I was happy about David price. I thought he left off the roster. He sucks he's awful his own nine lifetime as a starter in the postseason. But last night, I gotta give him credit six innings. Shallow baseball nine hundred as he was magnificent. He's basically the main reason why they won the MVP of last night's game JJ was MVP of the series, but David price gotta give him credit for last night. So I have a very important question for you too. Okay. Is there some sort of? Is there some sort of level of handsomeness that you have to hit in order to be the manager wouldn't be true because I've seen the quarterback in Sook? All right quarterback. I wasn't thinking about that. Terrible guy who John Farrell. No, nobody Valentine. Yes. That's the one on the Italians Hillary. I see where you're going with this. He was awful in general. So so it's fine joke when they brought him. You know, what's interesting about Cora. He's now. Theo. You have seen was the general manager is very handsome score is. Okay. Just kidding me. Like, the bald look, right. I could see that. Is that like to say, no, I think he's very cool. Okay. I think Santa Bogart's is the best looking guy in the team. But. I guess I'm not putting him up against the team. Yeah. I've just seen a lot. I saw the interviews with him last night. And I thought he was really handsome. Okay. That's I haven't heard many people describe them as that. But yet we'll go along with that. I didn't realize I was in a minority. But also seems to be very lucky with these days because everything he does is amazing. Yeah. Roll like most managers will make a mistake along the way some blip thing again, east says the World Series. So we could make mistakes I guess in the World Series. But so far every it's done whether it's playing Kinzler and Nunez instead of Holt. Endeavors those guys up in big situations. Whether it's playing Wolland or appears at first or catcher pitch matchups. Everything has gone perfectly for our. I mean, they're five and all that Hanson. You're absolutely right. All right with me. Choice hillary. I mean, we everybody has grown tastes. I know. He's cute. Look good, right? Maybe only thing I've seen him is with the hat on didn't realize I think he's got a great personality. Very charismatic. He's smart. He's a good leader in the difference between he and John Farrell is that he was much more transparent than John Farrell. John Farrell spoken riddles, Alex cora's, much more forthcoming than John foul spoke. We really did. Just. Exactly did he say, but valid coral like when David price wasn't pitching Weller replay wasn't playing. Well, he would tell the press basically, they sucked they enter you better. Yeah. Like, we have to be better here there and. Yeah. Beat around the Bush with different things. Something. John carroll..

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