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Yeah I mean to keep people talking about her brand so Vander pompon dystonia again you're a little different than Bethanie because you do have Vanderpump rules and that is also looking to it in do another spin off of Vanderpump rules in another city right with other things so yeah so maybe she just thinking while I got sent so in Vanderpump rules as a short cannot watch cannot no I don't either dont find them soul grows and so self absorbed in and I looking you can say about the housewives two but for whatever reason all I I can't get into it and people tell me it's way better than housewives but I I don't know I can't I just can't do it can't do it won't do it I can't do it no no no no and then a New York wrapped up to that still New York is my favorite it's still the bass this was such a good season Luanne was off the chains with her cabaret if you play the drinking game and you drank every time Luanne's a cabaret you will be drawn to collect so New York was still on fire this year it was probably one of the best seasons of New York it was all yeah it's such a good cast right now Sonya was at our best da Renda was at our bass director who I love yeah can right they were having fun and Bethany was great this year and you know it was all about Lou and really in luann's self absorbed this with her cabaret career and yeah it was all New York had such a good season six six but now they're they're both done so they're off for the season yes and now I have no housewives makes me very sad since the summer the summer the dog days of summer right all I know them what we come back everybody speaking of television shows Victoria's secret coming back not the store their show Alexis has that when we return.

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