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Hey, listen, a diamond. So here's my question. The Republican National Convention was a smash hit a home run. It was well, well produced. It was fantastic. It featured many prominent black speakers. Ah, The Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Camera, and Herschel Walker, Vernon Jones, Alice Johnson. My question is a sunny hostin on the view, said she dismissed all of them. All of them. She called him props. What do you What is your message to Sonny? And this is exactly why I was very happy that they use people that have been affected from President Trump's policy because diving the Silk is not his only black supporters on the reason why people like funny hostage and then dismissed that is because they don't want to face the truth. But in the big Hollywood then top you average regular a mayor. Guess these are the people that have benefited from his policy. That's right. I love you. Tyr. You too, are a very courageous, beautiful, great ladies and I do believe And we do believe Bernie and I do believe that he will fare even better this time than he did last time. President Trump with African Americans, but I gotta imagine diamond and silk. I'm on newsmax to every now and then you That's a very safe place. The Bernie and Sid shows a very safe place. Sean Hannity, you guys a very safe place when you guys go out in the street and after face other African Americans who hate Donald Trump with a passion how ugly does it get for you, ladies? Don't get ugly from us for us, because we tell them the tube. I don't sugarcoat it. When it comes to Black America, President Trump was in a power hall. I believe last night with George Stephanopoulos and different got up and a black kids have been wanted No world with America going to be great for him. Let me tell Black America's This America is great for you because he was born in this country for putting this country free. He wasn't born in this country as a slave, you one point Only with people from Venezuela and Cuba want to this country run because they have a place to run to way allow. Left leaning liberal destroyed his country. But our police creative anarchy way has the American citizens go on a run of the place runs because you stay in the greatest country on Earth. Man that America and great for you. What do you got to go over here? Man? That is so bin it all down there with some such a nasty, disrespectful audience in that little weasel George Stephanopoulos. It was horrendous. But let me ask you this question. Diamond soak in addition to the new book uprising in his show on Newsmax TV. They also have a podcast called Diamond. So found wherever podcasts are found Kamala Harris, she resident she visited Jacob Blake's dad. She said she was proud of Jacob Blake. She was in California yesterday during the wildfires. She has said nothing and has not visited. Those two sheriff's deputies were shot in L. A in an ambush has not even spoken about these two guys. These two with what you got to understand is how the left operate. Okay. They are down with the criminals and the victims. They could care less about that. Is that what you want running your country? But you really want that run in your country Now, whatever writers boggle what's wrong is now right. It doesn't make any sense. Aimo Camilla! Here they are. Upholding a criminal but now plan the victims that really need her at this. This's diamond and silk. If you're wondering, God, they are so entertaining and smart and funny. This is what they do, and they do it every day in the run Newsmax and podcasts and books and we love him. All right, so diamond and silk. I don't know if you guys are sports fans. I am I actually was weird in this business as a sports guy on W opinion here in New York, and of course, I've graduated. To become this brilliant political guy with Bernard here, but I'm still a big sports fan and a lot of US sports fans even over still watching sports are very disappointed, if not angry and disgusted with the NFL players, MBA players. What is the diamond and silk message right now? Right now to LeBron James. I tell you, I can't wait to see the day to day Go from making $13 Million. Making $13.

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