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The henry dimbleby he's the cofounder of really on he's going to be in the studio going through the big business needs stores and also how much she paperback out do give me a call on that fateful volvo nine one thousand before they're now at six o'clock let's get the very latest news headlines here on talk radio sandy will thank stands building bridges with france quite literally one of the founders of cuba sent to make a billion and more weather woes installed this morning walk radio the phone secretary wants a bridge to be built over the channel to link for uk with franz boris johnson says it's crazy there's only a train line between two of the world's biggest economies the suggestion came as to resume unless you macro signed a new treaty aimed at speeding up the processing of migrants at calais the parents of thirteen children rescued by police from a house in california have pleaded not guilty to charges of torture abuse and false imprisonment the prosecution alleges david louise turpin feet and strangled that children and chain than to their beds one of the founders of obama's in line to become a billionaire after invest as agreed to take a large stake in the firm a consortium will by chunk of the company from existing shareholders including travis kalanick business analysts believe ambra from verdict has been telling james on talk radio this one play well with everyone charlie alec has been much cricket fly tillich valley and there were around the wealth of his handling of the crisis and not managing the company as very response the bush tell you i lost people will say that as its wealth past in themselves up today tools in businesses should be building stronger links to help tackle gender stereotyping charity education and employers saudi thirteen thousand primary school children found boys as young.

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