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That said we don't need to see anymore. He brought a resume and did really well in the job interview. That to me seems like Not great process there. We know the sixers are always going to be aggressive. Because that's what daryl morey does. In fact they just made a trade right now. Sending two million dollars for the fifty third overall pick by pigs buying things package to other sort of contracts to to inevitably dump but outside of the sixers. What is one team that you got your eye on to see. If they make a move that signifies they're gearing up to make one of these big trade attempts at damian lillard bradley beal. it's interesting what. What david griffin did in new orleans basically Trading away. Eric bledsoe and stephen adams to clear up cap space for new orleans. I am worried a little bit. That people saw what happened with the phoenix suns last year. Mike and said we can do that too. If we have a young stud like zion williamson. What if we trade for or signed kyle lowry. Mike conley basically our chris paul and maybe we can make a run at this thing. I just think what the phoenix suns did. Last year is an anomaly. It is an outlier. And i do not think that the nba should be trying to do that. Replicate that too early zion williamson. So i do look at the new orleans. Pelicans is a really interesting team on draft night. Because i think ziya williamson is making it known that he wants his players. They fired two coaches already. I think there are really interesting team on draft night tonight especially because of what the phoenix suns did with around devon booker in ziadre eight and last year. Kyle lowry want three years. Ninety million dollars worth going gonna end up I suspect that he'll end up in philly. Could see him in new orleans. I don't see him in. La just the cap matt machinations do not work. there can be very difficult to make that happen But again like how much. This is chris. Paul ran the table with the phoenix suns. And how much of this is just like. Hey this is a smart deal. Like if chris paul gets hurt again in the first round and they don't make that run. Our teams can be clamoring over themselves to get kyle lowry or my connie this summer. It's really interesting to see what happens. There what do you think's gonna happen. With duncan robinson in miami given that he think is going to be a free agent next week. I think if you're the miami heat you have to trust their player development. I mean dunkin. Robinson was a nobody before he came into their program and i think probably betting that they can do that again not no disrespect dunkin robinson but i think the smart play here is to bet on their player development. And say we've we've found hassan whiteside. We built up james johnson. We built up dion waiters allowed to those cases. They doubled down on that development a little too much drinking their own kool aid but With duncan robinson. I suspect that they might see if it gets up to that high the asking price for duncan robinson and say. Hey we're going to keep our powder keg dry until later on down the road. We're going to need that cap space. And i suspect they're going to bet on their player development betting on your player development and then hitting me radha tet one two three with assan whiteside. James johnson and dion waiters Made me flinch because of the specifics of those three names that nobody really wants anymore. Yeah we'll that's when you gotta sell high right. I think when we talk about pat riley and eric's bolster that organization. I think it's amazing that they were able to build up tyler johnson into a fifty million dollar player but let other people pay that money right like build them up and then say alright. Go get your money elsewhere. you deserve it. Gave all those guys money. They gave all three of those guys money. A mistake a mistake. And yes andy ellsberg. Gm is is a is a magician turning these cap you know an albatross cod tracks into something real and good But that was a mistake. I think Doubling down on that player development and saying yes. Let's overpay and reward our players. Sometimes you've got to sell high I don't wanna leave this interview right here. This segment without talking. About alpine's shane kuhn. Do you guys know that is. Do you guys know who that that name. I just said alpern schengen. No alpern shane. Goon is an eighteen year old in turkish league just one. Mvp average nineteen thousand nine and sixty five percent. Shooting has an eighteen year old. And i think he should go number one alpern. Shane goon is incredible. He is incredibly efficient. People are saying. Oh he's the next yoke. She's a little shorter He doesn't have the same size as yokich but met this dude. His statistical projections are off the charts. Alpern shane goo just turned. Nineteen like the other day He's kind of in the the high lottery like maybe in the five to ten range. I think you should be going higher than that. Like i don't know if there's a zion or an anthony davis in this draft. But i love this dude out print shangkun. He does three sixty dunks. he does behind. The back pass is eighteen years old. Like sign me up to this dude. I'm all about out brin schengen shangkun live. let's go man. He sounds delicious They don't have to resign dunkin robinson they could also do a sign and trade. You you mentioned the names you mentioned. But they're jones. Junior was a player that they developed and they ended up using him as a piece and ended up getting his the old from another team. And i think they just extended that deal so that's an option duncan robinson to know alpern. Shane goon is. He like the passing the touch around the random easy credit. Get it on the nickname out there. We keep workshop. What it is that you want to get off the ground before we let you go here. Anything else super interesting about tonight. The other things to look for that you'll find super interesting. One sober basketball expert today. I think when we talk about prospects the cops on draft night when they go to the you know the jay bilas of the world or kendrick perkins. I think i saw his on the table tonight on the on the st in the studio the cops are out out of control like the thirteenth pick Is going to be compared to like michael jordan. Right like it is. It is so much fun to watch. I don't blame them because they have to come up with people that People recognize at home. Like oh mogambo. what's he like. There's an analyst a few years ago that said obama is a hybrid between anthony davis and joel indeed. And you're just like come on. You know. I think what we do is like joe. Harris is being a cop for corey. Chris crisper right. Is that because his game resembles him or is it because his hair and his headband resembles joe harris. Think there's a lot of just visual profiling that we do with nba prospects. And i think we need to do better at that. And finally we took out vengeance upon iran after losing to nigeria. After losing france. I land tried to run with our team and fifty five point victory. You knew know quite wanted to punctuate the segment that way. Thank you have or straw..

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