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Hop across the table looks like really now it's like no here it's a really weird you could see if they had introduced it sort of gradually like drink too much because he can't deal with all of this but really starts pretty early the felt that oh no oh i don't know if they were trying to say yeah i can't remember after the titular man on a swing point but there's one point where it's kind of a rough day and he's just like let's go get it it's i think it's after the the test when he thinks that he when he when he discovers that he might be lying about everything he's like yellen everybody and then he and peter masterson i go out for a beer at this this crazy club that frank perry loved like weird nightclub scenes there's a bit in diarrhea mad housewife where richard benjamin and carrie snodgrass go to a party that just happens to have alice cooper playing for for like happy yeah you would never expect a richard benjamin character to ever go to a concert let alone to an alice cooper show and they're just like people walking around that's where he that's where she meets franklin gela is that a weird alice cooper how show and this kind of feels flown in from that this is a misunderstanding of american counterculture that he knows that it's out there but he doesn't get it and like i don't know that from from what i from what they show you of everybody in town it doesn't seem like there should be a bar like that in whatever town is taking place and it will be the original crime was in ohio i could never quite get a fix them where we were supposed to be in the movie but i think the idea was every town had that place where the kids went in over the kids went to drink and that was you know or you're all scooper i guess but man some somewhere that is going to make a great connection for the kevin making game right.

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