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I'll tell you what mattress is designed for optimal cooling comfort and muscle recovery so you can sleep better and perform at your best every day not just every four years go to their mattress dot com that's d e a r mattress dot com and use the code podcast fifty take fifty dollars off your new mattress the bear mattress uses eko friendly materials and was developed with insights from sleep experts professional athletes and engineers to create a super comfortable and supportive sleep that it's up to seven times cooler that super cool than traditional foam mattresses the bear mattress uses fda determined sell he lent textile technology to your body can recover faster sleep better and improved performance by your mattress in historic can cost thousands of dollars but the bear mattress start suggests 540 a bear math truths that's what's worrying with this the bear mergers is made in the usa sold online and shifts freight which if you give really you are a bear buying of air madurese online is completely risk free with a one hundred night inhome trial under night for trial the metrics and if you don't love it they'll take it up and refund you one hundred percent of your money i want my money back for this 100 legs free fair b e a r melwert god that was a lot of in for you just give people well here's i've eyes dancing i i sold so that bothered me that bother you about an ice the about the again i think they ended up getting from what i remember the germans got the gold someone else got the silver and then the canadians got the bronze yet maybe that's in pairs then opening pair and asians won the ice dancing last night i can't be positive but i think said yeah i'm sure you're a but all i know is this i was watching this a couple of nights ago so it was there wasn't last night so it was i dunno just kind of you know act like you've been there i don't know doled out on the yeah gushing all over yourself.

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