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Were there things the where you thought because you know all you can control his your contribution to a project but sometimes things around you on a project that you know looks to be one way can go in a very different direction i mean i think the ultimate example of this you get a movie in two thousand or you go to work on a movie in two thousand that is apparently going to be directed by david russell and it's going to be called nailed and nobody in the world sees it until two thousand fifteen by which point david russell has nothing to do with it and it's called love that just seems like the kind of thing like you must be saying to yourself like what the hell yes that that was what the hell for sure it was such an exciting moment for me to get that part every young woman in hollywood wanted to get that part everybody wanted to work with david and that amazing cast and that crazy script and you just know that the his brilliant mind you just have faith that he's going to do something incredible and he's going to push push us all and we're gonna have cool performances and boy it's going to be fun and it's it's gonna move the needle you know it's going to move the needle of of my career and it just at the total opposite it was such it was a heartbreak truly and i think that everybody on that film feels in in some way kind of that same thing because you know we were there on a daily basis giving it are all and we were constantly being shut down and constantly needing money and or crews having to walk off the set because they have to protect them.

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