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The area today with temperatures only expected to be in the 40s channel four meteorologist dave nussbaum and that big cold front is continuing to move across the state bringing the coldest weather of the season so far state climatologist berry kind says we can expect to see clouds and lingering rain right through tomorrow butter break out the sweaters and winter coat slow temperatures this morning are in the 40s across the state and high temperatures this afternoon or only gonna reach into the 50s and the temperature they're gonna kinda continue to fall over the next few days and he says like friday there could be even a little sleet possibly a flurry on the doors to your as we bundled off today in this chilly weather wwl's jim hanzo checked in was some folks to find out if this cold blast is to their liking it's a bitter cold day today do you prefer it hot or cold hal adding are they day i take it you like the beach love it like eighty five is good this is so not gonna be you for the next now i'm going to be miserable hot weather or cold weather cola that's on the dea ducks hunnam what are you prefer hot weather or cold cold yes i love it it's christmas season in kenner jim hanzo wwl first news our cars sales in the wake and a good samaritan is still missing after saving at least one white in the incident wwltv's katie steiner is more from the scenes human left the restaurant here the blue crowd they got in the car let's of driving backwards they drove forward into likes to that car was submerged in a lake the people saw what happened and then couple of people did john ben they were able to get both the passenger and the driver out both those people were taken to the hospital where one of the passengers or the drivers died the other one is expected to be okay but then ask for that good samaritan he is missing and we talk to the his family last night they tell us that his name is frank williams and they were not surprised that he was the.

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