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Really? You know, and I'd say we're probably playing about the same, you know, both have young kids. And so my weekend golf is completely shot, I will go to 12 baseball and softball games this weekend on Saturday and Sunday. So zero golf on the weekends, and I know Andy's busy, but look, and he's a super athlete. I think Andy has me right now. You know, something about that tennis forehand. He kind of can transfer that into his to his long iron game. I don't quite have that, but I like playing and Andy's been a great partner in this project. All right, paid Manning. Thanks so much. Thanks. Thanks a lot, guys. Thanks for having me. All right, and that was Peyton Manning in the drop zone, Sean. I have to say, I think my favorite part of his appearance was just how bought in he was too golf advice. It's going to be hard to honestly to top that appearance because Peyton has a really effective way of taking unserious things seriously. Which I think is something we value a lot. So I definitely appreciate it as contributions. How about that story of Tiger saying, hey Peyton, you're my teammate for the match? Yes. Come on over. Get your ass over to my place. No, not even get over. It's you don't have a choice. We'll be here. You're my teammate, you're going through my morning routine for this match, and we're gonna win, and they did win. But it's out of like Peyton was a little flabbergasted. Like, okay, I mean, I agreed to do this thing with Tiger Woods. I guess I have to do his morning routine. I had never heard that story before. I loved it. Loved it. We're hoping that we can see Peyton out at Augusta this week. Sean, where are we going to be on Tuesday night? Tuesday night. If you happen to be in Augusta Georgia and you happen to be a drop zone fan, you have no other obligations besides getting to the Savannah river brewing company. Tuesday by 8 p.m., not by 9 p.m.. You don't have to be there any earlier, but there's a lot going on. A lot of cool things beyond the drop zone. It's a golf dot com Clubhouse event. We got colt nosed and drew. Good folks from subpar. Subpar guys, they're going at 5 p.m.. Is that right? 5 p.m. Eastern Time. Dylan and I are going to 8 p.m.. It's alive, drops on its drop zone after dark. We might have a guest. We might not, it might just be us talking about golf, setting the scene, setting the stakes for the tournament. You don't want to miss it. You don't. Luke will be there. Don't want to be there. I'll be there. Sean, I'm going to give the last word of the podcast to our special guest. Luke Ernie. Thank you, Dylan. Thank you, Sean. Thank you for having me. And honestly, I'm just really looking forward to Mark Wallace getting his long overdue. Would you green jacket? Just look for him in the field because he's definitely there this week, okay? So look for him in the green. Thank you, Luke for pulling up and obscure inside joke from three years ago that Matt.

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