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Nj dot org. The Pentagon is developing plans to withdraw up to half the American troops serving in Afghanistan. More in five minutes at twelve fifty five. It's Bloomberg money news on WCBS with a look at stock futures after it was basic selloff on Wall Street, given concern about a possible government shutdown. Dow futures trending higher by five points. Nasdaq futures ahead sixteen and a half s and p futures up two and a half points. This is the Bloomberg green business report by the middle of the century. Climate change is likely to disrupt the busiest stretch of rail in North America parts of Amtrak's northeast corridor. Route which carries twelve million people each year between Boston and Washington face. What the union of concerned scientists calls chronic inundation flooding rising seas and storm surge retinue a road the track bed knockout train traffic signals collapsed. Power bowls and inundate city substations. When the study was conducted members of Amtrak staff warned there is not an alternative route that can be used as a detour. Although the report was completed in April of last year its conclusions were kept private until this past month. When a partially redacted version was obtained by Bloomberg through a public records request Amtrak since the emphasize the threat of climate change and its public documents, even scrubbing the phrase entirely from its most recent five year strategic plan Sarah Feinberg, former administrator of the federal railroad administration says these days talking about climate doesn't work with congress. That's the Bloomberg green business.

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