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You choose to you. Know you have to relive the moment over and over and over and over again so I was reliving. The moment of being an chemo chair getting a drug. That could close my throat and I could die so I could stop breathing at any given moment. That's very scary. Just say very subtly but like I've gone through a lot of therapy and I still cry about it all the time because I just like forget and then something will remind me and trigger me and then I get angry and so that will help evolve that so because I'm still reliving it because in the middle of the legal business I it's it's really hard to move on from you. You know be cured and like get past the PTSD and trauma. Because I'm still in it because I'm still reliving it looking at medical records and dealing with my legal cases aces and not twi get angry. And so you know I need to do things that are calming and soothing like meditation and Yoga and press work and candles and oils and this is why. I'm sharing all of this because this is what's helping with me and I'm not giving you medical advice and just telling you what's working for me me and nothing I'm doing is Besides therapy is medically related. It's all a holistic approach and that's how I choose to go about things I mean just when I was in the Er the the other day they were prepping me for an IV. And I'm like what are you doing. We're getting labs getting blood work done. And she said I'm number prepping you for an IV. For what the reason. I'm not in pain like I'm leaving in five minutes. Don't thank you. I couldn't believe it I was like no. I don't have a middle anymore. So I these in my arms terms are a nightmare. And that's really one reason why I miss my poor because if something does happen you're accessible to get an IV and like like literally seconds where that's not the case with my veins because they're invisible so I ended up getting my blood work done and that was it and that was fine but it's just insane mean going to the emergency room going through medical things now. I mean just this week alone. I had a doctor's appointment almost every day between You know going to the primary to get the referral to the surgeon to the specialists in the background. Get more referrals making the appointments. I mean it's so frustrating is and this is why I'm creating this medical product. Hopefully I'm launching in June on my birthday on the tenth because and I feel like I've always said you know everything happens for a reason and I feel like the only reason why I'm alive and I got through this now. It's misdiagnosed is to show myself how show I need to prove to myself. I'm like so much stronger than I ever thought I was and then I have a voice and a platform to help others going through that to help other families to help other medical professionals and legal legal teams in everybody involved in somebody's health situation or medical journey to streamline it and make it organized I've always said so many times like if I didn't look look at my sickness as a business I never would. I wouldn't be alive to share my story today. There's just no way in hell never gave up. I had everything organized and and now between my best friend getting admitted for a week in the hospital like a month ago and then me going through this again. I feel like it's happening. Because it's aligning lining me up to for things that I need another fresh perspective. Because I haven't been sick in a long time. It's been a year since I had to go through the cycle of a million doctor's appointment and lives and all of that but now I'm doing it again. I have an endoscopy coming up. I have a cat scan coming up and getting lives. It's like going through the cycle again again to see what the Hell's wrong with my body and it's probably because I'm healing and detoxing from everything that I was on. I mean honestly because after all the research rich I've done it literally just spells it out for you right there. My poor body is is a hot mass. Which is why I am again? Always like making these healing soups. Listen drinking shakes and trying to like just make many holistic. Healing approach is in Choices for me personally so I can feel better. You know mentally physically and emotionally. Because this shit's intense and if I'm not sharing what's going on with me. How am I going to be able to help anybody else so I feel like this should happening because I needed different set of eyes so when I was with my best friend and she was in the hospital I was her friend? I wasn't the one in in in the bed. I wasn't the one on the medical side. I'm not doing the legal stuff. I was a friend so I needed like I needed fresh eyes to a whole nother like hospital approach getting admitted and then going through this whole drama with my health over the last two weeks. I feel like it's giving me more information and obviously like more content and like things I need to incorporate into this product like a missing this and somebody upstairs must know that I can handle anything because I'm going through this shit again. I'm like kick my life up I literally faced I. I my best friend from the ER. When I was there two weeks ago and I was in my beautiful gown? The like to do is create new hospital gowns and sell them at all of the best hospitals. Not the best but like literally all of them. Because you already feel like you don't WanNa Locally Shit you know what I mean. So she was just released from the hearing living. My life and I was is in such denial that I was told. I needed gallbladder out and has meaning the surgeon the next day I just lost my shit and the ride home because I was in denial. I was laughing hysterically early which I told Yeah I did. I told the story on a couple of episodes Couple weeks those probably two ago Like you just can't make my life up so I feel like I've been given us next path of healing once again and figuring out more medical Tom Situations so that I can just improve my products. That it's the best on the market will already will be because there's nothing like that so that I can continue to help other other people whether you're the one that's going through something health related or you're helping somebody and you could be a medical professional. I got again talk medical professional or illegal professional or caregiver or the actual patient. And it's for all of us. This product is going to be incredible because it solving the problem that no one has done yet. And that's why you create something to solve problems so I'm really excited about that. But you know just going back a to staying calm and trying to heal myself and take a holistic approach like. That's the way I WANNA go because I've already done. The drugs have already done all the meds and like those things. I can't even imagine how many toxins are my system. I can't wait to take that Those labs and like another month or so. I'm going to do that. And it actually tells you what toxins are in your system so I can see like are my healing soups. Like hell helping being detox my system with all this crap. I was on twelve heavy. Heavy medications plus Chemo. That's a lot of pills. You guys so my my poor body is like trying to detox and I have a goal of losing a hundred pounds this year. So I'm right on track and Between eating healthy and doing doing my walks and all of that like I should be losing weight and that's another reason why meeting with the GI doctors because they should be losing more weight. But that's another episode anyway so oh I just wanted to share with you guys. You know my personal experiences having anxiety going through depression things that trigger it for me. Everybody is it's different. Everybody is different and everybody has their own story and when it comes to. PTSD in trauma. I can't even explain to you. Like how important or in therapy is for that. Because if I didn't start therapy I would probably be in a mental institution. I'm not kidding because what I went through and I can only be so strong at some points and I can only like rely on my best friends like to listen. You need a medical professional to help you you you need somebody that's trained in either. Em Dr or any other kind of therapy to help you. Even if it's just a talk you have to invest in yourself it to get better and these are just the little things that I'm doing to heal myself to heal my mind. My body get my energy up and and honestly just like start to live my life again and I just started doing that. I feel like only a couple of months ago which is insane because I was buried in legal well and I'm buried in my business and I'm buried in China. Save my life and now I'm like I want to have a life. I WanNa have a social life I want to do with my podcast. US OUR WANNA like do more within the medical legal industry you know. That's why I'm taking the bar and becoming an attorney and then releasing this medical products like these things serve really important to me and as I mentioned earlier there's no way in hell like I was sick for no reason. It's so that I can continue to share my story my message that I can help so many other people out there. I have this podcast because I was sick and I needed the way to make money. I was thinking to myself. Oh my God I'm going to be blind. And paralysed how the hell am I gonNa make money and at that point. I was listening to Gary Chalk. And he's Very Cutthroat Yorker which I appreciate and he was literally speaking to me through his podcast and I was like Fuck Anita podcast cast so here. We are three years later almost and so I have a lot more guest coming on. The professional patient series is going to be filled with other patients inhalers which I can't wait to share those stories but again you guys. If you have any questions please go seek medical advice. I'm not a doctor. I'm not giving you any medical advice under sharing my experiences with you that I go through and what helps me and the holistic approach is where I'm at at this point right so thank you guys so much for listening to my experience says a throughout literally the last two weeks. And Dont if you don't have anything that's keeping you calm and sane go out and get things little things by journal by the oils you don't have to buy the high in oils by cheap oils. Just get them so that you feel calm and relaxed lavender's always best that go get yourself some bubble bath..

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