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And I'm not here to tell you to do at one or the other. But I do think we all have a line. Should we spend the time to think about it? Fair. But I yeah, I just don't I don't know if that action is useful here. And I don't know if it's my place. I don't know if it's my place to to step in for the worker. I feel like, you know, their role is to to figure it out, right? Their role is to band together. And and this is not sort of slave labor. Even if perhaps they're being treated as such they have the ability to collectively bargain, and I think that I hope that that happens, but I can't make it happen and my not purchasing purchasing a game isn't gonna help it either way. So that's just that's my perspective. And maybe I'm wrong. Maybe we'll get some some smart emails about this. That'll though educate me, but. Either way it's a fascinating story, and it's indicative of more than just rockstar right rockstar is just one example of this happens constantly in the industry, which is I think why it's much more broad problem that needs to be addressed as abroad promise, an industry-wide issue, and I hope that maybe the publicity about this. Maybe the all everybody talking about it will lead to some sort of action on behalf of the employees. But I think it's so interesting about this particular story is that rockstar was notorious FINA for their social media policy, which they since opened up, but how tight lipped of company they were in this whole thing broke. Because Dan Houser said it imagine if someone else had said it how fired they'd be right now. Right. If you started this much of a brouhaha about your company, and how it's a horrible place to work and all these articles coming out discussing launching into this conversation conversations like it on every major video game podcast out there. I I wonder if anyone else at the company has Pierce have have talked to him about, you know, PR training again or something like that in rating this stuff in 'cause I think it's fascinating that this all started. Because someone at the top said something, I I'm sure they wish they hadn't. Yeah. For sure. Christian. What is your story of the week? Oh, there's a bunch of good stuff this week. And I'm torn between two stories, Jeff. And I bet you can guess which two they are. But what I wanna talk about. Because it's we'll have the answer soon enough. I think after we go to Mexico City, we not you, and I but the gaming world has a whole right now. The rumor is expert or not rumor, I guess it's confirmed game passes coming to PC. We don't have all the details yet. But it is going to be expanded to officially include P C that already works for Microsoft game pass games. Like, I can play forts and see the lowest games. Yeah. Yes. Sorry. Yes. Microsoft published games. But all the other games aren't on. It. A lot of those games aren't on PC..

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