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Get my from California less than just love this so much you guys next week that I feel about it. Love us some Beaver Game Day on ESPN Radio, ESPN app series. XM Channel 80 Shake Cornette Jordan Cornette here with you Happy Sunday to everyone your last Sunday before the NFL regular season is off and running, So I hope you are enjoying it. And if you need something else to help you enjoy it. Perhaps some plays. Well, that's what we're here for. But most importantly, that's what poodles here for poodle is my brother in law and Jordan, I guess and his family nicknamed him poodle because he looked like a poodle growing up. And so we call this poodles plays and we bring in Jonathan Cornette to give us the very latest on what he is playing. And I am nervous to ask this because I am sure both you and my husband have got way too much money on this game. But nonetheless, here we go poodle. What do you got? Hey, I've been thinking about this all morning, going back and forth. Seven points just doesn't feel right to me. Notre Dame beat Florida State like 46 to 20 last year. I know they're missing some pieces, but get out of town or taking Notre Dame were given the point. I know. I know. We got offensive line holes I don't agree with. We got some wide receiver holes. I don't agree with that either. Take them. Notre Dame. Give the point. We got a winner tonight. So if you're telling me to take the points, which, by the way I have done as well like a loyal alum. But tell me what you envision the score being in Tallahassee. Uh, when the final seconds tick off that clock I am calling 31 14 Notre Dame. I don't see how the issue is Jordan Travis and is running running ability. I think the linebackers have enough speed to take care of it. They took care of it. Last year when they played, he went through. I think 96 yards and a touchdown when he played him last year through for 2 10. I think before we put on hold the phone. We don't know. For certain of George Travis is going to be the quarterback. It might be a two quarterback system with Mackenzie Milton see an accent for the first time since 2018, formerly of U. C. F. Jordan. If you have two quarterbacks, you don't have one Jordan Travis plays into it would be more effective for Florida State to play Jordan. Travis we have issues with I'm sorry we Notre Dame has issues with go in and get into it. Lead up to it the week Alright, but we we Bottom line is the cornets are taking the points and all this just makes me nervous. The only other question I want to stay with that Shea. Is it because I'm just flushing this out For all those? All those other ones who are on the line of if they should take Notre Dame to cover seven points is the quarterback. I just got done bombing on Wisconsin and their lack of an offensive identity and explosion for so long, and Notre Dame's quarterback. Is a Wisconsin transfer and Jack Cohen. We don't have the playmakers on the outside. As you mentioned. We do have Chiron Williams in the backfield who might be the most talented player on the field? But does that offense concern you at all from Notre Dame? Listen, Jack Cone lead He was he was top 10 in Q B. R for Wisconsin. He's not. He's not a slouch. He can move a little bit, and he loves to push the ball down the field Braid Lindsay. He's a burner. Kevin Austin is a slot wide receiver who can make plays. I'm telling you I am not worried about this offense. Chris Tyree Kyron Williams. We didn't We haven't talked about Michael Maria, who's Who's guarding that man across the middle. There's a lot of weapons there. People are missing. He's a star tight end. I expect to truly truly a breakout season for him. All right. We got time for one more play. We look to Monday night. Louisville Cardinals looking to redeem the A C. C. If Florida State can't do it tonight, verse, Notre Dame They head down there and they play old Miss in a neutral site game. What's the line? What do you thinking in this one? Line is 10 points. Now know Wayne Kiffin for old Miss, but I don't think that matters there. Resulting 21% of the you know 81% of their team production. I mean, Malik Cunningham could have a better year. He had a horrible year last year. I just don't see how the cards can keep up with old Miss. Take the 10 points all day. Take the time like old Miss to cover the 10 points an hour one. I do? Yeah, he said he doesn't think link it and not being there covered is going to be an issue at all, which I actually tend to agree with. I don't think it's a problem either. At that point, you set your team up. You have half scripted plays anyways. Heading into the first Matt Corral is one of the best quarterbacks at the nation doesn't seem to fully know about he'll be on full display in that one another stat worth, noting Louisville a season ago. Oh, in five away from home last year. It was a team two seasons ago with coach Scott Satterfield. In his first season at Louisville. They went eight and five. Took the nation by storm expected double figure wins the season after they were only able to garner four because they could not win on the road. A neutral site game. A true challenge. Poodle thinks old Miss roles in that one interesting, You dude. Agree with him or to screen I would have to agree. I just I'd saw enough of Malik Cunningham last year to say this guy plays too inconsistently. That defense, I think has some holes. I think all this could be a team that surprises this season. So I'm on board with both of poodles picks I think we go to And so I would advise everybody go to take Notre Dame to cover at minus seven old miss to cover it. Minus 10. I like it. All right. This all makes me very nervous Poodle. Thank you So much for the inside. I hope you win for the sake of my sister in law and also my household as well. Thanks, guys. See you pool. All right, so he's taken all miss and he's taken Notre Dame. Why are you looking at me like I'm just I just hope you know, it's a It's a holiday weekend. We got poodle late to jump on the radio. I just hope there wasn't any outside forces that are affecting his decision making. That's all I'm worried about. Agreed with both of his pigs, which is scary as well. But yes, I am riding with Notre Dame to cover it. Minus seven. I'm also riding with old Mr Cover in minus 10. All right. Fair enough. That is what's going on here. Over the next two days. Our house is preparing for Notre Dame in Florida State and Jordan. Obviously you're taking the points to cover in this one. But I think it's worth noting. Since this game is kicking off in just a few hours here, What are your concerns for Notre Dame as they get ready to take on Florida State in Tallahassee? Just the environment is also going to be rocking down there. They're honoring the late Bobby Bowden, who meant everything to that program also meant everything to college football. There's gonna be a lot of emotion down there and For a team at Notre Dame to have their first game of season be on the road with a new quarterback, an entirely new offensive line. There could be a breakdown in communication there, but ultimately, I think Notre Dame with their defense, Notre Dame with the outlet, um to relieve some of that pressure, and Karen Williams in the backfield, how they use him should be enough. I mean, you're talking about Notre Dame winning this game by more than one possession. Florida State's in the middle of a A really difficult rebuild coach Mike Nor Bell without question. Is the guy there? It's just a big ask in the first game of the season to go out and be a top 10 team..

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