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Out years later. On the reissues. Michael henderson was listen. Listen to For those that are able to listen to what's what's the stevie live in There's version of. I was made to love her. And which i feel like. That's michael henderson's greatest. James jamerson michael mike. There's there's a live version of. I was made to love her. Top of the talk towns. It's listening to stevie talk of the town. Live album came out like sixty seven There's a version of. I was made to love her. That is like it's it's it's me it to me. It's the best live display of jamerson esque one finger playing ever. So did you know that he had that voice on him or no but no no no. That's bullshit did i remember. Michael came to buy room. We were in japan and Santana was there with me. Santana was talking to michael. Came in in Santana it's crazy man. Crazy santana was like to this day when carlos knives each other almost get teary santana loved mouse man and so the story michelson tunes. We french coming up. I want to play something for you. So i go up to his room and he pulls out his base. Dum dum doo doo doo. Doo are start singing. Oh god we will in japan. When he wrote that he was asked obviously years later. It comes out with the norman connors. And that's what launch michael's career as a solo artist. What was just as a philadelphian and me. Not ever seen any clip of norman connors whatsoever on youtube or anything. What was norman's as a drummer i mean. He's i know he was a drummer. Artem solo wants that song so in love like the middle on that album. But we're to he stand in the eyes of drummers you can tell the truth i don't know what sometimes silence more truthful there you go. Why did you never. Why did you choose. Traditional percussion as opposed to attract drum..

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