Bon Jovi, Robin Zander, Iraq discussed on The Eddie Trunk Podcast


That's why i got so mad when people were saying this year about bon jovi had been passed over spout time it's about time for bon jovi jovian weight at all shape trick rush alice cooper kiss jovi what was that eight nine rush i mean oh my god what moody blues thirty years and bon jovi fans we're going on man it's about time it's like you gotta kill that narrative that long and i love the the argument is still going on because they call it the rock and roll hall of fame when you've got some other artists never played that style music in their lives that are inducted and and but that's okay with me but i mean i hear some the fans that's their biggest complaint i don't know why they didn't just call it the music hall of fame i mean what's what's wrong with that would have made more sense would think let's talk about what you're here to talk about which is the fact that we find robin zander now on broadway hey it's the broadway hall of fame for me baby you are part of this week you're doing i don't know what i myself into i love it though i was i feel honored that they asked me and i couldn't refuse it so i just said yes and now here i am and the these people on broadway are true professional people and they're giving and wonderful people you know they're they're there to back you up and help you out you know they step in to help you no matter what the problems are unlike you know cheap trick in iraq role business where they're there to step on you you know.

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