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But i wanted this thing i wanted suddenly i was the insatiably curious about the people that i admired so i went home and maybe 50 people a note saying i'm starting this i i had five people on the first day they were myself the writer jesse miller gordon my friend julian escobedo shepard who is here with me ratings and eight outside jia tolentino and the last one was jennies of the recent books our heart and it was on that it's a it's a pretty pretty powerful starting set yes so that's where we started and we started on valentine's day into those imports in and we publish on that monday and then i had intended from there to published two a day but it snowballed for the next few years analyst publishing like five six seven from writers that i'd dorde i was really lucky to have gotten that kind of insight i think it's a great document and i'm really lucky to had that idea and to have people gears up septa i wanted to back up to back to just from it your career and how his did the one connection i wanted to hear you describe was how you went from uh the just the shearman of journalism that you had been writing to turning it into action like how did it how did the the idea for the book come about how did the selling process work out um how did it all happened well there are a few signs of seles so the first time i was first fi well it all comes back turkey when i was ninety in rookie launched and on its launch day rookie is the website for teenage all started by topic evanson in case the fbi announcing doesn't now it's really great at the time that it launched eva's nineteen and i had submitted this essay about the smith's and teeshirts way before it launched and i got an la back like eight months later after having had the pitch.

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