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From the town hall dot com newsroom a suspect in four fatal shootings this morning on the west side has reportedly shot himself while being chased by police in ohio detroit police a 26yearold george davis jr allegedly shot and killed two women at a man at a gas station unthinkable this morning then went to a house on foul street where he allegedly killed is male cousin davis reportedly fled that scene and was being pursued by police in ohio when he pulled into a gas station and shot himself in the head is reportedly hospitalized in go condition oakland county sheriff michel bouchard says police are not going to take any chances regarding school threats with a half dozen being made in the past week shards says a threat found written on a bathroom wallet milford one high school threatening violence tomorrow was not credible as the student accused of making it had no access to the guns locked up in a safe in his home and deputies didn't find any anything suspicious on his phone or computer i'm kevin sanders another patriot fm one on one point five and am fourteen hunt aw now live from the patriot detroit radio complex this is the john mukalla she'll have a call from the present on business i think that if a school and parents and teachers voluntarily choose to be arms i think that something that schools are going to have to come up with and determine for themselves he nra has had a program to school shield program which people can find online it has so far assisted a hundred and fifty schools across the country and coming up with solutions for this making sure that students and teachers are protected and as wayne lapierre said as i have said before as well george the nra has tons of resources that are at school teachers and parents disposal on this issue be but you i know you want on security screws you want teachers to be under you're seeing a lot of people across from sit that's my job we it teachers voluntarily choose to and if parents were like that no hughes jr and welcoming to the monday edition of the mcconnell show here on if i want to one point five and am 1410 patriot glad you could join us for the fastest our local detroit talk radio or your host continue serving his life sentence.

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