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May have bear with traffic on the FIS. Follow us on Twitter. WIBC traffic Tara Hastings wish TV meteorologist what's happening? Hey, good morning where we had a beautiful sunrise here. Indiana. You see that sunshine here through much of the day. Clouds are gonna increase though, later this afternoon. We'll see highs right around sixty three for mostly cloudy skies tonight. Maybe a few isolated showers developing overnight with losing your forty eight and then on Thursday, look for lots of clouds, a few scattered showers becoming a little bit more numerous leader in the afternoon and evening with highs near fifty eight. On friday. We'll start off with the morning showers mostly cloudy for Friday afternoon with highs near sixty five Tara Hastings wish TV meteorologist, thank you. It is forty degrees right now in the American standard heating weather center. And you heard her say it a high reaching upwards of sixty three degrees. The time is eight oh seven this hour on ninety three WIBC is powered by Baptist heating and air your American standard air dealer in Indianapolis. The max is not yet fixed. They said it was going to be a software improvement in the coming weeks. Well, Boeing in US aviation regulators saying that the company needs more time to finish the changes in this flight control system. Tony cats ninety three WIBC good morning. They say that it was the software that may have led to two crashes. Of the Boeing max seven thirty seven jet. They have been grounded around the globe. Might take them. A little more time to get.

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