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This morning. There are signs of California's homeless crisis is getting worse. Not better. California leaders from the governor to mayors across California promise to make it a priority to fix it. But as kfbk is Aubrey Aquino reports Sacramento business owners air now pleading with city leaders to clean up the city's downtown streets. Downtown. Business owners want the city to help with transient individuals and aggressive behavior that's making their establishments unattractive for customers. Janey Ison owns seamers, an old sack thinks becomes unmanageable with respect to antisocial and aggressive behavior and ah, hazardous environmental conditions left behind by many of our folks on the street and others. I don't Know that they're always homeless. Tyson's among the 60 members of the downtown sack partnership who signed the letter to form a collective voice. We're with the city and it created a safe environment for all of our customers and employees. The employees are are the real heroes here. Aubrey Aquino News 93.1 calf became, We will go deeper with Aubrey Aquino on this story Coming your way in about 10 Minutes. Murders are up 20% year to year, the city of Los Angeles is gearing up for major cuts to its city police budget. KFT case. Mark Mayfield has details on what's being done to slash $150 million from the LAPD Chief Michael Morris is the emphasis will shift to patrol in response to other units of seeing cuts. On Saturday. The Light Times reported that most specialized units like robbery, homicide and gang units are going to undergo a downsizing. Officers will also stop responding to traffic accidents. Another team that covers homeless related issues will also no longer be staffed. More than 230. Officers are going back into patrol rolls and many station desks will soon on ly demand during weekdays. Mark Mayfield NEWS 93.1 KFBK, The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is the first major amusement park in California to reopen visitors need to get a two hour reservation. The cost is $25 per person. And on Lee Santa Cruz County residents are allowed to go on the rides, maximum capacity 300 people and riders will have their temperatures checked and get a health screening. A 25 year old San Jose resident is making California history is the youngest member elected into the state assembly. In over 80 years. KP case Marshall Benson has detailed Alex Lee won the State Assembly seat to represent San Jose Lee ran his campaign with a primary focus on affordable housing, and in an interview, we reflected on the over 30,000 doors, he knocked on the door. About his community and build relationships. We said he feels it played a large role in securing his election win. Lee is the youngest state legislator to be elected in almost a century and is also the first openly bisexual state legislator of the younger generation. Now entering America's political arena. Lee will be sworn in on December. 7th Marshall Benson News 93.1 KFBK at 7 35 on this Monday morning here your top national stories President Trump still not conceding the election, claiming fraud launching lawsuits. Meanwhile, President he like Joe Biden,.

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