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That night he gave a speech that is still seen as one of the defining moments of his career I don't want to red America against blue America I want to be the president of the United States of America Obama went on to win the Iowa caucus in the presidency I would democratic consultant Jeff link was in the crowd that night he says it was clear that Obama understood the political moment that evening flipped the script on on on the rest of that caucus and I think the Clinton campaign sort of stalled out from that moment forward and Obama left the room with a ton of energy and that that momentum really carried through caucus night Obama showed he had the organization to make it to the White House that's what's at stake this year to humanize Donna Hoffman says it's do or die for the mid and lower tier candidates and she says former vice president Joe Biden has the most to lose he's going to want to give the speech of his life if he's going to continue to be in that top tier in the state but the same Mister Sanders the same is true of worn the same distributed judge and so the pressure's really on those top tier candidates in particular and three minds Iowans will head into the cold to meet with their neighbors and community centers and high school gyms to caucus in tonight these current campaigns are hoping to show off an operation that can change the course of political history for NPR news I'm Kate Payne and I'm clay masters in the morning it's NPR news and this is morning edition on KCRW ahead on morning edition in the arctic a group of scientists have frozen their ship into an ice flow to document the region's rapidly warming ecosystem we need this information because the arctic is changing so rapidly studying for an entire year and how the new arctic might affect the rest of the world that's coming up on.

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